The Indian Administrative Service or IAS is a section of the Indian Civil Services. It is among the heads of government of the Indian government. Following the qualification of compulsory placement exams, one becomes an Indian administrative service officer and will be recruited by the public authority. Indian administrative service is one of the high-quality and mainstream ethical decisions among the many hopefuls of vocations in the field of public administration.

In this article, you will get to know about the >dress code for female IAS officers in India as well as male officers.

Who is an IAS?

The Indian administrative service officer will become Secretary of the Cabinet of the Indian government. It is the most exalted situation in the regulatory framework of India, where only an Indian administrative service official can be appointed.

Nevertheless, no matter which rank, there is no specific Indian administrative service uniform to be practised. The Chief Secretary of the State government is at the edge of the administrative framework of the State. The IAS officer may only hold this role. Even so, the office of the Union Home Secretary is also occupied by IAS officers.

The IPS may become the Director-General of the Police Department. The IPS officer in the Union Government can become the Director of CBI, IB and RAW. In addition, IPS may also be submitted to the position of National Security Advisor. But in both situations, IPS officers need to wear the uniform.

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Evolution of IAS: Civil Services

Before independence, both the Indian administrative service and IPS administrations were overloaded by the European powers in the view of the fact that a few Indians had the opportunity to crack the Civil Service Exam. After independence, the administration was opened just for the Indian people and the eligibility designs for the Indians were crippled. The Indian Administrative Service is the continuity of the victory of the Imperial Civil Services or ICS in the frontier era.

Likewise, IPS is an extension of the Imperial Police. Common Services is characterised by an array of horticultural land income and, accordingly, by the name of “Gatherer.” It was probably the earliest role of the British organisation and the beginning of the common administration. Afterwards, the necessity for police bureaucracy was suddenly referred to in the Indian Council Amendment of 1861.

Salary of an IAS Officer: UPSC

The salary of the IAS officer was clearly superior to the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission. The Indian administrative service officer may be compensated from Rs 56,100 per month to Rs 2,50,000 per month. In fact, it differs depending on grade. In addition, the pay of the Indian administrative service officer is considered to be more than the IPS officer.

Related to the entire Indian government. By choosing a career as an IAS official, one may represent the general public. It is a guaranteed career with many benefits and advantages. The work of an IAS official is incredibly decent and there is an amazing feeling of satisfaction, as you can add the highest degree of achievement to the public at large. The Indian administrative service official’s role is to include the democratic initiative in India.

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IAS Officer Dress Code for Female: UPSC

Except for IPS police, there is no specific IAS uniform recommended for officers. Nevertheless, they wear formal wear in the official role. On the other hand, they wear normal clothing for other business days or events.

Uniform segregates an IAS officer and an IPS officer. There is no specific standard for IAS officers, they just need to wear formal clothing on official occasions, but IPS needs to wear their authorised uniform on a daily basis. IPS outfits are changing in terms of their rank. The IPS officer positions the Ashok Chakra on his shoulders.

In public areas, IPS officials are perceived by the general public due to their attire. Nevertheless, you cannot distinguish between an IAS officer and another general citizen because they do not wear any specific style of uniform. IAS officers do not even have a uniform policy to obey and are thus not publicly identifiable. The IAS uniform is nothing but formal clothing for most official functions.


In the context of both female and male IAS officers, no set IAS uniforms are issued in general. Both male and female IAS officers wear formal clothing on official functions. These IAS uniforms can include Kurti, Salwar suit, or Saree for female IAS  officers. Male IAS officers, on the other side, can wear a Shirt or formal Polo Neck Tshirts at public functions.

For regular days, an IAS officer should want to wear whatever he or she wants, but a certain level of decency is required from them when dressing up. Thus, while they have the right to wear whatever they want, it is most frequently seen that the IAS uniform is professional.

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