Learning about how to crack IAS is a difficult question, but you know what is the best source to get an answer from? The IAS officers themselves. IAS officers have gone through the same dilemma and they have crossed each milestone to be an IAS officer. So reading biographies of established IAS officers is an important source for you to know about the direction in which you should work to achieve what you desire. In this article, we will acquaint you with IAS Deepa Ranjan. You will learn all about her, Deepa Ranjan, UPSC rank, optional subject, strategy, family, and her current posting. You will get to know what learning you should take from this journey so that you can use them to become an IAS officer. With such biographies, you learn about successful methods and their failures.

IAS Deepa Ranjan biography

IAS Deepa Ranjan hailed from Bihar, she completed her graduation in BA (Hons) Geography, after which she joined coaching for UPSC examination and cleared the UPSC examination in her third attempt. Deepa Ranjan got the 52nd rank.

Clearing the UPSC examination was not easy for her, as she lost her father when she was very young, since then the support system of her family was her uncle. Along with her studies, she had to manage her family issues as well.

She had confidence in herself that she would clear the UPSC examination thus she never gave up on her dreams. She is of the 2013 batch. You will find her from the name “Deepa Agarwal” but she requested to change her name to Deepa Ranjan in 2016, since then she is known as Deepa Ranjan.

IAS Deepa Ranjan Current Posting

Deepa Ranjan’s current posting is as Additional housing commission, Housing and Development Board, Lucknow. She is carrying her role with all dedication and hard work. She has taken her responsibilities very seriously and she has contributed to the responsibilities that she held willingly.

Clearing the IAS examination in her third attempt and then carrying out the responsibility so willingly is applaudable. You would like to learn many things from her that are covered in the coming section.

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Learnings from  IAS Deepa Ranjan

There are few learnings that you can imbibe in yourself for your UPSC preparation and when you clear the UPSC examination you can make use of the learning in your service. The learnings are:-

1. Never Quit

Quitting is never an option in life. IAS Deepa Ranjan cleared the UPSC examination in her 3rd attempt, for her quitting was not an option because with each attempt she was becoming better and better. She was learning how to give the UPSC examination with more accuracy. This is the story of every individual in life, if they are not getting success in any field, this means that they are learning something, this learning is making them stronger. Similarly, if you don’t clear the UPSC examination on the first attempt, it is not the end of your world, it is just the starting of your learning phase about the UPSC examination. So never take quitting as an option in your life.

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2. Optional Subject

Optional subject matters a lot in the UPSC examination. You should take the optional subject that you are strong in. because the syllabus is so vast that covering each and everything thoroughly will be difficult in the time span that you have chosen for yourself. IAS Deepa Ranjan completed her graduation in Geography Hons, hence she took Geography as the optional subject because she already knew a lot about it.

She had an extra edge towards the optional subject preparation because reading the graduation syllabus for the optional subject is highly recommended by the experts. So choosing the optional subject that you have already studied in your graduation is a really good idea. Preparation of the optional subject can make a huge difference in your UPSC preparation.

3. Confident

You need to be confident enough. You need to have confidence in yourself for the UPSC preparation, and after you clear the UPSC examination, you should be confident enough to carry out your duty with full responsibility. When you have confidence any task seems easy. But there is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence, so make sure that you are confident along with identifying when you are becoming overconfident.

When you have confidence in yourself, other people also gain confidence in you. So if you are lacking the social support for UPSC preparation, give that support to yourself and see others will automatically trust you for what you are doing.

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4. Overcoming Problems

Each and every person on this earth has some or other issue. If you are facing family problems and you have to manage your UPSC preparation and family problems altogether, then you need to manage your time in such a way that your studies are not hampered even if it means waking up all night and studying.

Family problems are a natural thing and you can not fight them but you can manage them so make sure that you overcome any problem that you are facing or might face during your UPSC preparation.


Preparing for the UPSC examination is a tough journey. But there are many stimuli that can make it tougher. So you have to make sure that you don’t lose your strength at any point in time. But if you lack motivation for a bit, you should read the biographies of people who have already cleared the IAS examination, to get to know what they have gone through to achieve the IAS position.

One such person, we have described in this article “IAS Deepa Ranjan”. You will get to know many things about her in this article and you will also know about the learnings that you should imbibe for your success in the examination and in your future.

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IAS Deepa Ranjan Biography: Know about her Background, Optional Subjects and Marks
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IAS Deepa Ranjan Biography: Know about her Background, Optional Subjects and Marks
An important source of learning about the IAS preparation or IAS journey is reading the IAS biographies like IAS Deepa Ranjan Biography, she is of 2013 batch. For her 3 was a charm. Click here to know more.
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