The late Friday evening of 24th September 2021 has become the buzz and sparkle for many candidates awaiting the CSE results. This update has caused a lot of explosion of joy and happiness in the country, especially for the candidate’s family and near ones.

Many people have several dreams for their life but very few achieve those goals and make everyone proud. The only reason for the winners to achieve their targets is consistency and diligence.

If you have faith and confidence in your aspirations, you tend to work harder for them and finally succeed in the sphere. Here we have one such story of a great personality who has not let his dreams lowered down even after being designated as the Bank manager.

IPS Krishan Kumar has worked in the direction of his ambitions and is finally on his desired post.  Let’s get information about UPSC Krishan Kumar’s biography to learn motivational factors.

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Krishan Kumar Singh Biography

IPS Krishan Former Manager in Reserve Bank of India, RBI. He graduated in Computer engineering. He has studied at Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology. He lives in New Delhi and has cracked the UPSC CSE examination initially in 2018 and now in 2020, he has finally achieved his ambition. The result was declared on Friday which aroused a sense of relief and happiness in the selected candidates.

Krishan belongs to Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. He has made his parents and hometown very proud of him with his determination and sincerity. He got 181 ranks in 2018 and now AIR 24 in 2020 results in the most esteemed examination.

Krishan Kumar’s optional subject was Public Administration and International Relations. This rank is achieved by him due to his high knowledge and skills. This civil servant is an inspiration for the young people as he has achieved this position even after his parents’ demise.

His father’s name is Ramasre Singh. He was an Assistant Manager in the Manufacturing department in Ghaziabad. He did a lot of hard work to achieve this position.

Krishan Kumar Singh UPSC Rank

Krishan Kumar bagged AIR 181 in UPSC CSE 2018. In 2020, he has achieved AIR 24. His dream of becoming an IPS officer has made him put the effort in this direction. He has worked diligently and honestly to achieve his target. He was very affected after his father’s demise in 2008.

Life is unpredictable and he drove under many difficult circumstances in life. After a few days of his father’s demise, his mother expired due to some health issues. He was extremely affected after losing his parents but he managed to come out of the trauma and focused on improving his skills and education.

Till the 12th standard, he studied at Vasundhara College in Ghaziabad. He completed his higher education (Graduation) from New Delhi. He graduated with a B.Tech. He was a very sincere child in school. His education and level of understanding are apexes as he got high scores in his college.

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IPS Krishan Kumar

You should know the life journey of this amazing IPS officer. He has seen many challenging situations in life but has never quit on his aspirations. After completing his graduation, this civil servant joined RBI bank as a Bank Manager. Currently, he is posted in Shimla. He cracked the UPSC CSE exam on the 4th attempt.

This is a magnificent trait to be confident to never quit on your dreams. By experiencing failures, people leave the path and choose something different. But, this man is unique and unstoppable. He tried four times and finally succeeded in achieving his dreams. Krishan Kumar’s mark sheet is proof of his efforts towards his ambitions. He has put his best capabilities to get his desired position.

Have a Look At his Reading and Writing Passion!

IPS Krishan has a hobby and passion for reading books and writing poems. He said that he read for 4-5 hours regularly. According to this unbelievable personality, he has never been to any coaching center.

He believes that if the right choice is mixed with hard work towards the right direction, the desired destination is quintessentially achieved. He said that he wants to make the Police Department more sensitive towards the services for the people.

He wants to build faith in the minds of people for the Police representatives by working efficiently for their needs. His family is very proud of him for achieving his goal and having the positive perspective to work for the people.

After viewing the result, his uncle and brother welcomed him home with sweets and celebrations. If you have the potential and trust towards something, don’t quit even after failing, rather put more effort and prove your dedication and skills.

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IPS Krishan Kumar Singh Strategy

IPS Krishan is the author of the book, “A Failed Perfectionist”. He has written many books due to his passion for writing and reading. He said the strategy to achieve the goals in life is hard work and inner strength which comes with passion. He chose Public Administration and International Relations as his optional subject and gave three reasons for choosing these subjects.

The reasons for choosing these options include,

“my comfort and compatibility with the subject, easy availability of material, and its scoring nature.”

As the core material for his preparation, he referred to Shubhra Ranjan’s classroom material. He added,

“I feel that ma’am’s notes suffice stand-alone and additional sources should be referred to only when one is thorough with her notes. I supplemented her notes with some other books and websites, depending on the topic.”

Time Management and Answer-Writing Skills

Mr. Krishan said that the answer-writing is the most important section. The candidates must practice answer-writing for their Mains exam. He was preparing for the optional subject and couldn’t give time for answer-writing practice.

He said,

“I practiced writing past year questions for Paper 1-A and found that I was exceeding the time limit most of the time. I made concise short notes for the paper so that I could minimize the time involved in ideation and structuring.”

According to him, the 10 markers can be prepared at the end but the 15 and 20 markets require a lot of analysis and proper structure, so these should be prepared properly by giving adequate time. Time management is quintessential for this exam. You must know where to spend the time and what topics or questions can be resolved at the end. It helps a lot in scoring a better rank.

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Tips from an Incredible IPS Officer!

UPSC CSE rank 24, Krishan Kumar described his preparation technique as beneficial because he used to give adequate time for preparation of each section. He said that while writing the answers, one should write in paragraphs where each paragraph should represent a different cause, argument, or motive. It helps define the topic concisely and precisely. It also helps you to move from the general statements to particular sentences.

You should include theoretical aspects in the applied papers i.e section B of both the question papers. It balances your answer well. You cannot identify and build it randomly while you should prepare for it beforehand.

He added,

“A lot of people recommend quoting scholars in these papers. While I feel that scholars and public intellectuals should be quoted to present different schools of thought, an excess shouldn’t be committed. Keep it short and to the point.”

Some More Techniques!

This great civil servant includes that short points should be made by the candidates as it helps in better revisions before the exam. You should be confident and honest during the interview. You should not say false things before the examiners. It’s better to say no to the questions that you don’t know about rather than speaking useless points. It becomes tremendously beneficial to make flow charts, maps, graphs, box diagrams, etc. as it improves the visibility of your content.

Moreover, you should make graphical representations in your notebook to revise them later. A good answer should include an introduction, body, analysis, conclusion, and key factors/ way forward information. You should structure your answer perfectly and be clear, sharp, confident, and knowledgeable in the interview.

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Well, we all are aware of the rigorous and toughest examination in India. UPSC requires genuine efforts, fortitude, devotion, and strength to crack its question paper. It is not everyone’s part of the journey to get to a positive destination but those who work hard for it, finally achieve it with flying colours.

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