UPSC examination is one of the toughest competitive examinations that are conducted every year for the recruitment to 24 services in the Central Government. UPSC paper is considered quite tough owing to its vast syllabus. The diversity of the syllabus demands consistency and long study hours.

A lot of aspirants consider this test tough due to its low passing percentage. Every year lakhs of aspirants take this examination. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the UPSC calendar 2021 has changed. According to the UPSC new exam calendar 2021, the Prelims has been postponed to be held on October 10th 2021.

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UPSC Exam: Facts

The UPSC Civil Service examination takes place in three stages namely Preliminary Exam, Mains Exam and Interview. Recruitment to 24 services, including the coveted posts of the Indian Administrative Exam, Indian Police Service,  the Indian Foreign Service is also conducted via this test .

According to the revised pattern of UPSC, there are two papers for the Civil services test  i.e General Studies (Paper 1) and CSAT (Paper 2). They have multiple-choice questions. Both papers are of 200 marks each. In case you answer a wrong answer, your one-third mark will be deducted.

Strategy to Crack UPSC In First Attempt

#Most new aspirants get puzzled when it comes to preparing for the UPSC examination. In order to avoid confusion, you should begin by reading the syllabus. This will give you a clear indication of what is expected in the exam.

#Secondly, multiple study materials sourced from various coaching institutes or online platforms often confuse students. Therefore it is important to know what are the important sources of information and stick to them. As a beginner, one should always start by reading some NCERTs.

#Keeping yourself updated with current affairs is an important aspect that every aspirant has to keep in mind while appearing for the exam. There are several monthly compilations available in the market these days that an aspirant could refer to.

Some more Tips

#Failing to have a proper strategy and goals is a mistake most aspirants make. Therefore one should have a weekly, monthly and yearly planner regarding what portions need to be covered before the exam.

#Revision is the key to success. The more you revise the better you are able to eliminate and select correct options in the exam.

#Mock tests are the most important step towards preparation. One must practice as many mock tests as possible before appearing for the final test.

UPSC Exam Calendar 2021

Since the pandemic has been ongoing for two years, many UPSC tests have been postponed. One can find relevant information regarding the postponement of the exam by visiting the UPSC exam Calendar.

The UPSC new exam dates have been mentioned on the official website.  According to the UPSC new exam calendar 2021, the revised dates for some of the upcoming examinations are as follows:

IES examination- 16th July

Combined Geo-Scientist Mains examination- 17th July

Engineering Services (Preliminary examination)- 18th July

Central Armed Police Force examination- 08th August

N.D.A examination- 05th September

Since the UPSC Calendar, 2021 gets updated regularly and in advance, it benefits the aspirants to prepare well and strategise correctly.

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UPSC: How to Choose an Optional Subject?

Due to the Covid 19 situation, a lot of the examinations have been deferred. According to the UPSC exam calendar, the deferred dates will give every aspirant more time to prepare well. During this time every aspirant must revise strategically and practice as many mocks as available.

How to pick the proper optional subject or how to choose an optional topic correctly is an issue that plagues the majority of IAS candidates, whether they are new to the test or have taken it before.

During a recent counselling session with applicants, we questioned the students, “How do they pick the optional topic for the mains paper?” We were not shocked by their responses, which are as follows:

#A subject with a score choice

#The most popular elective topic

#An optional subject that is simple to grasp or that they find fascinating

#The subject for which notes and study materials are being prepared

Important Points to Note

#If a candidate takes the UPSC prelims test, it will count as one attempt.

#If a candidate passes the UPSC prelims, he or she will be entitled to take the UPSC mains for that year alone.

#Even if a candidate’s candidacy is dismissed or revoked, his or her participation in the examination will be regarded as one attempt.

#A candidate who gets appointed to the IAS/IFS (Foreign Service) based on the results of a previous civil service test and continues to serve in that service is unable to apply for this examination. On account of COVID-19, applicants who had exhausted their last try in 2020 have been granted another opportunity to sit in CSE 2021. It is simply a one-time indulgence. The exemption does not apply to anyone who is too old to take the IAS examination.

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We hope that this article has given you an insight into what could be expected in the UPSC examination. One needs to prepare diligently for this test. Since the passing percentage in the UPSC exam is very low, it is important to study smart in order to qualify for this examination.

The UPSC new exam dates have given renewed hopes to many aspirants who have been struggling with their preparation in the past few months due to lockdown. This is a golden opportunity that must be utilised by every aspirant.

When you are a new aspirant, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the syllabus. At UPSC Pathshala, we not only provide you with the right study materials but also assist you with a personal mentor. If you have the zeal to serve the nation then what are you waiting for? Start your preparations right away!

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UPSC New Exam Calendar 2021: Here’re the Latest Updates You’ve been Searching For!
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