Due to the high rise in covid 19 cases, India is suffering a lot and also many people are dying every day vastly not because they are infected but because there are very few health facilities and the government is helpless at this time.

Due to the high rising cases and again causing a situation of lockdown, all the authorities have postponed the examinations and CBSE have cancelled their examinations. Read the full article for all the postponed dates and the rising pandemic situations.

UPSC Revised Calendar 2021

Union Public Service Commission 

Programme of Examinations/ Recruitment Tests (RTs) -2021

Sr.No. Name of Examination Date of Notification Last Date for Receipt of Applications Date of commencement of Exam Duration of Exam
1. Combined Geo-Scientist (Preliminary) Examination, 2021 07.10..2020 27.10.2020 21.02..2021 (Sunday) 1 Day
2. C.D.S. Examination (I), 2021 28.10.2020 17.11.2020 07.02.2021 (Sunday) 1 Day
3. Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination 21.02.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY
4. Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination 07.03.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY
5. CISF AC(EXE) LDCE-2021 02.12.2020 22.12.2020 14.03.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY
6. N.D.A. & N.A. Examination (I), 2021 30.12.2020 19.01.2021 18.04.2021


7. Reserved for UPSC RT for the posts of EO/AO in the


09.05.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY

UPSC Prelims

8. Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2021 04.03.2021 24.03.2021 27.06.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY
9. Indian Forest Service (Preliminary) Examination, 2021

through CS(P) Examination 2021

04.03.2021 24.03.2021 04.07.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY
10. Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination 04.07.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY

Other Examination Revised Dates

11. I.E.S./I.S.S. Examination, 2021 07.04.2021 27.04.2021 16.07.2021 (Friday) 3 DAYS
12. Combined Geo-Scientist (Main) Examination, 2021 17.07.2021 (Saturday) 2 DAYS
13. Engineering Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2021 07.04.2021 27.04.2021 18.07.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY
14. Central Armed Police Forces (ACs) Examination, 2021 15.04.2021 05.05.2021 08.08.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY
15. Combined Medical Services Examination, 2021 05.05.2021 25.05.2021 29.08.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY
16. Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination 29.08.2021


17. N.D.A. & N.A. Examination (II), 2021 09.06.2021 29.06.2021 05.09.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY
18. Reserved for UPSC RT/ Examination 12.09.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY

UPSC Mains Revised Calendar 2021

19. Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2021 17.09.2021 (Friday) 5 DAYS
20. Engineering Services (Main) Examination, 2021 10.10.2021 (Sunday) 1 DAY
21. C.D.S. Examination (II), 2021 04.08.2021 24.08.2021 14.11.2021


22. Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 2021 21.11.2021 (Sunday) 10 DAYS
23. S.O./Steno (GD-B/GD-I) LDCE 15.09.2021 05.10.2021 11.12.2021 (Saturday) 2 DAYS
Note1: The dates of notification, commencement and duration of Examinations/ RTs are liable to alteration, if the circumstances so warrant.

Note2: Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2020 is to be conducted on 8,9,10,16,17 January, 2021.

Note3: Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 2020 to commence on 28.02.2021 and will continue for 10 days till 09.03.2021.

COVID 19 Second Wave 

Covid has prepared its blanket all over India and its second wave is devastating which is opening up new dates for fresh lockdowns. The country is averaging more than 1,00,000 cases each day by the mid of April and on Sunday 19th April, the country had more than 2,70,000 cases and more than 1,600 deaths, which are new records for a whole day. If this continues and in the other 10 days there are more than 5 lakh cases, India is in big trouble and there will be no health facilities available for more cases. India is also recording more than 2,300 deaths daily by the first week of June.

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Postponed Exam Dates 

The Interview tests or Personality Tests which were scheduled from 18, April 2021 to 26 April 2021 have been postponed to further notice.

UPSC Prelims 

UPSC Prelims is scheduled to be conducted on Sunday, June 27, 2021, and UPSC Mains is scheduled to be from 17 September 2021 to 22 September 2021.


UPSC EPFO Exam was held to be on May 9th, 2021 but, due to the COVID 19 it has been postponed and new dates would be announced soon on the official websites.

The Personality Tests (Interviews) of the Indian Economic Service or Indian Statistical Service Examination, 2020 (scheduled from April 20-23, 2021); the Civil Services Examination, 2020 (scheduled from April 26 June 18, 2021) and the Recruitment Tests are also deferred till further notice

The following exams have also been Postponed:

# The Civil Services Examination 2020 which was scheduled from April 26 to June 18, 2021

# The Recruitment Tests

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For more updates stay tuned to UPSC Pathshala and this is not the time to panic, please follow all the guidelines and precautions that the government has provided. Please wear a mask every day and only step out of the house if you have something important. Stay home, stay safe, come on India we all can fight this.

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