The UPSC examination provides variation in dignified posts and designations in India. It is considered the most proficient and reputed examination. There are millions of people who aspire to give this examination and try their fortune and hard work respectively for making their future worthy. There are almost 5000 IAS officers in the country who handle all the laws, orders, and regulations according to the most amazing and democratic constitution.

If you are the one who is dreaming to be one of those honourable people in the nation then you have to show your talent and calibre in several fields with perfection. These administrative powers are not easy to be taken and managed. It requires blood and water to balance out the provisions and the people with diligence. You have to be top-notch in every aspect for this miracle to happen to you. This is the examination that you have to earn by your perspiration and aspirations. Here is the UPSC calendar 2021 for you to get informed about it.

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UPSC Prelims 

The UPSC examination is conducted for giving the opportunities of becoming IAS, IPS, and IFS to the people to serve their motherland. The Prelims examination is conducted for the assessment of the candidates in General Science paper 1 and General Science paper 2 which is popularly known as CSAT ( Civil Service Aptitude Test ). It is done for 2 hours and you have to score in the range of 0- 200 marks. This examination is followed by Mains which consists of 9 papers of conventional or essay-type questions in which you have to qualify two papers and marks of only seven out of them are counted. This examination is done for 3 hours and the score range must be 0- 1750. The third part and the most important is a personality test which is an interview for judging your knowledge, presence of mind, and confidence. You must score marks in the range of 0- 275 for clearing it. The grade validity for this examination is 2025. If you will be lucky enough to achieve this target you will be able to provide your living to the nation.

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Techniques of UPSC  

If you are striving to achieve satisfactory scores for getting your desired worthy position in the country then you have to stretch your boundaries and horizons of mind to grasp as much as you can. The highest number of participation from all over the nation makes it more challenging to succeed in this examination. After all, who doesn’t want to serve the nation with pride and to be posted in such an esteemed position? This is the dream of every person in India. You must have to inculcate the habit of reading and writing along with fluency in one of the two languages that are Hindi and English. You must be passionate and planned to clear the exam with efficient results. When you are organized and dedicated to something you surely attain it with prominence. This will bring you success and higher personified doors for you to be opened with your brilliance.

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UPSC Exam Calendar 

UPSC examination turns out to be the most desired and honoured exam in the minds and hearts of people. If you are preparing for it, this is the time for you to start your revisions because the date of the exam is quite near. You have to be prepared now and start focusing on solving the mock tests and practice papers to enhance your chances of selection among most of them. If you have practiced well, you will not get nervous or stressed and it will become easy for you to crack it. You must have been searching for the dates of the examination. Well, here is the end of your anxiety and confusion. The dates of the UPSC exam are written below.

#1. Release of Notification – UPSC CSE 2021 – 04.03.2021.

#2. UPSC Online Registration for UPSC CSE 2021 (Begins on) – 04.03.2021.

#3. Deadline to Apply For UPSC CSE 2021 – 24.03.2021.

#4. UPSC CSE Prelims 2021 Exam – 10th October 2021.

#5. UPSC CSE Prelims 2021 Result – Will be announced later.

#6. UPSC CSE Mains 2021 Exam – This Will be announced later.

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Therefore, UPSC’s new exam dates are out now for all the candidates to give the information that you must now prepare yourself with the highest concern and revisions to get a step closer to become the future administrative person. If you are stuck on any questionable thought or finding something difficult or unanswered regarding your exam, you can visit UPSC Pathshala to resolve every difficulty and obstacle in your mind. You have to be clear in every area so that no query can lead you to failure in the exam. The more you will be clear with everything, the more calmly you will sit and answer in the examination hall. If you have anything to ask you can comment below or visit the website and do wonders in the examination.

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UPSC Prelims Exam Date 2021: Check Out the Updated and Relevant Details
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