There are “n” number of students who appear in the competitive exams every year for the recruitment to various administrative services or government jobs. Among many recruitment exams, the most important are the Union Public Service Commission exams, and PSC, i.e., Public Service Commission exams.

But there are many students who still don’t know the difference between the two exams. So, what is the difference between the two? Don’t worry, we are here to help you through this.

So, let’s move a little forward to know the difference between the two exams.

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Union Public Service Commission in India State Public Service Commission
  1. There are no other branches of the Union Public Service Commission in India.
  1. Every state of India consists of a State Public Service Commission.
  1. It is a constitutional body under Article 315 of the Indian Constitution.
      2. All the PSCs are also constitutional bodies under Article 315 of the Constitution of India.
  1. The Union Public Service Commission is made of a chairman and other members.
      3. A SPSC is also made of a  chairman and other members.
  1. It submits an annual report of all its work and other related details done by the commission to the President of the country.
      4. The Public Service Commission, annually, submits, a report to the Governor on its performance.

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How to Choose between State PSC and UPSC?

One can choose between the UPSC and the State PSC examinations on the basis of the following points. These are:

  1. It conducts examinations that are held on the basis of the appointments to the services of the Union. These services include all the Indian Services, Central services and public services of the Union territories.
  1. The Public Service Commission of a state conducts examinations on the basis of the appointments to the services of that particular state.
  1. It presents annually a report of all its work to the President where the president further explains all the different cases to the Houses of the parliament.
  2. The SPSC presents annually a report of all its performance to the governor.
  1. The parliament can also extend the functionality of the UPSC by placing the personnel system of any local authority or any other body.
  3. The legislature can also confer additional functions to the SPSC related to the services of the state. And the functionality can also be extended by placing the personnel system of any local authority or other body.
  1. All the matters regarding the examination process are only handled by the Department of Personnel and Training under the Ministry of Personnel.
  4. All the postings, transfers, and other ancillary matters of the candidates are recruited by SPSC under the control of the State Government.


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The State PSC exams, i.e., the State Public Service Commission exam is administered and conducted by the Kerala State Government for recruiting different candidates within the various posts of the State. This exam is conducted in two or three stages depending upon the posts that are notified for the exam.

Like the UPSC examination, this examination is also conducted in three stages namely, Preliminary, Mains, and Personality Tests/Interviews. The Preliminary examinations consist of two papers while the mains examinations have three papers in them.

The paper can be conducted in both the modes – Offline as well as Online mode of Examination. Each paper is of 100 marks each where a candidate is assigned 90 marks for each examination. The questions asked in this examination are asked in the form of MCQs where a candidate is provided with four options and he has to choose the one that is correct among all and the medium of the examination is English, Malayalam, and other regional languages based on the notified posts.

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Time Required to Prepare for the UPSC Examination

Usually, it requires an individual a total of 11 months or approximately a year to prepare for the UPSC examinations that are held every year. There are a lot of things that one needs to do while preparing for this examination. There are a variety of subjects that an applicant needs to study before appearing for the examination and he/she needs to excel in all of these subjects for getting a rank as great as possible in the examination.

Above all, there are n” number of General Knowledge questions that one needs to learn and revise each day to appear in the examination and all of this cannot be done in two to three months and that is why an individual needs to take out an entire year for the preparation of this examination.

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Time Required to Prepare for the State PSC Examinations

The State Public Service Commission examinations require an individual to study for almost an entire year to successfully prepare for the examination and to appear in the examination to clear it in one go.

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What is the Difference Between UPSC Civil and State PSC Exam Preparation Strategy?

The UPSC and PSC examination requires an individual to prepare a strategy and follow that in order to successfully clear the two examinations.

These could involve:

#1. Early Bird Catches the Worm

Yes, that’s absolutely true. In order to clear the examinations in one go, one has to start the preparations for the exams early. By starting early, we mean that starting before everyone else does. This can have various advantages as well.

#2. Save Those Precious Youth Years

By starting early, one can save their youth years that could be otherwise wasted if one decides to start their preparation for the examination later than the desired age.

Some More Facts & Strategies on How to Clear the Two Examinations

#3. Read the Newspaper Daily

Make it a habit to read the newspaper daily so that you can grasp a lot of General information from the newspapers only. Newspapers are a great source of getting much information related to the questions that could be asked in the UPSC as well the PSC exams, so form a habit of reading one daily thoroughly.

#4. NCERTs are the Only Key

Yes, that’s absolutely correct. NCERT books can be a lot helpful for all the kids as well the aspirants who have decided to move on with the UPSC examinations. They can prove to be of great help to an individual as they are the key to clear the state level examinations.

Can You Give State PSC and UPSC in the Same Year?

Yes, it is possible that one can give the two examinations in a single year because the preparation syllabus for both the test papers is exactly and almost similar to each other, so when you’re preparing for one, you are automatically helping yourself in the preparation of the two papers. There is no difference between the UPSC and State PSC syllabus and is almost similar to each other.

Thus, they can be given in the same year with the fact that the dates for the two are on different days.

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With the help of the above-given information, you must have understood everything about the two examinations, and if you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to comment down below and let us know about it.

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