Are you an aspirant of UPSC? Are you searching for an article on what is a heat dome? Well, if that’s the case you must read this article to know everything. We have shared all the details related to the heat dome and heat dome effects in various countries like Canada. This topic is an updated one for the candidates to know. If you are struggling to get all the necessary details about this topic, keep your eyeballs here. Candidates of UPSC roam helter-skelter in search of several important topics. You must be aware of the major current issues, information, and topics. This will make you more intellectual, knowledgeable, and precise. You must be responsible enough to search and get the articles that must help you in every way possible. Let’s start with the information about the heat wave.

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Heat Dome in Canada

The news is roaring that the temperatures in Canada and the US are soaring to record highest levels. It is a deadly heatwave that forces people to take extreme measures for their sustainability. Newspapers are filled with the reports of the “heat dome” that settled over western Canada. It has been affecting the wildlife and people for five days. The temperature pushed the citizens towards havoc. The situation of temperature for the communities on the coast has increased to 40C (104F) that has badly shattered the long-standing records of destruction and offered little respite for humankind.

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Destruction by the Heat Dome

The typical news spreading destructively is that over a billion marine animals have been dead. It has also been seen that along Canada’s Pacific coast, the animals are in great danger. All this is happening due to last week’s recorded heatwave. Many experts from the ecological department have warned the authorities. They highlighted the vulnerability and extinction of ecosystems that are unaccustomed to tremendous pressure and temperature. More than 500 people have died due to massive temperature ranges in British Columbia. Marine life is also at stake in this time of burning temperature.

What is a Heat Dome?

You might be thinking that what is a heat dome? It is surviving in the news every day and creating curiosity in the minds of the people. You must know it all because of being an aspirant of an exam that gathers questions from all around the globe. Keep reading this article and you will gather all the information about this topic. A heat dome happens when the atmosphere tends to trap the hot air from the ocean like a cap or a lid.

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How a Heat Dome is Created?

This is created naturally or its occurrence can be traced under the conditions when highly strong pressure and atmospheric conditions combine with weather patterns. It is called or made when the scorching heat is ensnared in nature.

This is seen in certain countries and areas. It causes difficulty for the people living in that area. This is noticeable that in the atmosphere when the high-pressure is circulated, it acts like a cap or a dome. The high pressure adds up with the hot air, then the dome is made. The trapping of heat at the surface favours the formation or production of a heatwave.

Experts Outlook!

The experts from the biological as well as ecological departments are showing their major concerns towards increasing temperature. The city of Vancouver is hovering over the 30s which is approximately 100F. Christopher Harley, a marine biologist called a student for using infrared cameras. This activity is to record the level of temperatures that are above 122F or 50s along the rocky shore. “It was so hot when I was out with a student that we collected data for a little bit and then retreated to the shade and ate frozen grapes,” said Harley. “But of course, the mussels, sea stars, and clams don’t have that option.” Marine living beings like mussels and shellfish are dying in bunches. They can’t survive at such a high temperature. Although they have been surviving for so long, this is hardly impossible now.

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Heat Dome Effects

The effects of it are tremendously harmful to all living creatures. This is noted that the heat dome leads to a sudden heavy rise in fatalities. This is due to extreme heatwave levels. It causes death to living organisms including humans. The major concern also includes the fact that trapping of such extreme heat can also damage crops along with drying out the vegetation. It can also bring adverse situations of droughts.

Things to Know about Heat Dome for UPSC

These domes also act as fuel to wildfires causing land destruction. It is also seen in the US. It is also said that the production of heat domes is due to the increasing population. Population brings more pollution and hence, the heat dome is created. The heatwave arising like death can perform in favour of a rise in energy demand. It can be traced that it increases demands for electricity which leads to push-up rates. It certainly leads to harm from every sphere. Furthermore, the heat dome has the power to prevent clouds from forming. It allows the sun to reach the ground with more harmful radiation.

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Why is Canada So Hot?

The candidates of the UPSC exam need to know the reason for Canada’s hotness and rise in temperature. The reason can be taken from the phenomenon that is being attributed by the meteorologists. According to them, the answer to this question lies in the “heat dome”. It’s lingering and the temperature hovering over the northern hemisphere is the main reason. The trapping of concentrations of hot air in the country also contributes to the situation. Climate scientists give their suggestions that the reason for Canada’s temperature is evidence from the ever-worsening climate crisis and miserable conditions. The aquatic habitat has been in danger. The mussels are regenerative but the starfish species will take longer times to regenerate and recover from this harsh environment.

Heat Dome Meaning

It is a severe problem of the scenario. It is made by the hot winds or air from the ocean. It has been affecting humankind for so long. The major issues have been arising now with the increase in temperature in the Canadian and North American regions. The threat is on wildlife, aquatic species, and humans. According to the experts of various environment departments, the people must be cautioned by the heat waves. The Canadian Province needs to adapt to the reality of a hectic environment in the upcoming future. The sudden and sustained heat waves are most likely to become normal for many areas due to the change in climatic conditions. We must be aware of this detrimental state and should take preventive measures for sustenance.

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Causes of the Heat Dome

The hotness in climate is the burning issue this time. The heat domes are caused by the sweltering heat which gets trapped under high pressure and causes an increase in temperature for the ground. The vast areas are being affected by the enhancement in the heat domes. The heat domes happen due to certain activities which include rigid, strong, high-pressure atmospheric conditions that got combined with influences from La Nina. Moreover, the major cause is a gradient or strong change in ocean temperatures. This was carried out from west to east in the tropical Pacific Ocean. It is proving to be really harmful to all the species. Many of them are becoming vulnerable.


We hope that you must have understood the devastating state caused by the heat domes and their impact on the other creatures. It is becoming difficult for all living species to sustain themselves properly. If you are a participant in the UPSC exam, you must know everything about this rigorously important topic for today’s era. It is creating havoc all around. This article is for the up gradation in your knowledge and understanding about the Canada temperature and heat waves causing death. If you have any difficulty or questions in your mind regarding more such topics for CSE, you can visit UPSC Pathshala and resolve all the queries. The professionals are there to make you feel comfortable by the personalised mentorship and solving each problem of your mind.

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