On May 31, 2020, prelims are now scheduled for June 27, 2021. The Civil Services Prelims Exam 2020 was scheduled by the Union Public Service Commission, UPSC. Find out what happens when someone is picked in the services, read about IAS training and find out what is LBSNAA in UPSC?

LBSNAA  is known as Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration is where all the dreams of IAS aspirants come true.  Located in Mussoorie which is a heavenly beautiful place to be in and commonly referred to as LBSNAA  Mussoorie. This is the venue where all the probationers are set to meet for their training phase 1.

LBSNAA Training Period

In order to become a civil servant in India, applicants have to undergo LBSNAA training at  Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. The preparation is of utmost importance and takes months to shape the simple candidate into the top ranking officer in India.

Training to Strengthen the Foundation

This is a 15-week preparation that is given to all probationers to make them aware of the nation’s fundamentals and the roles they are about to take. The candidates are to travel to LBSNAA, where all candidates from IAS, IPS, and IFS are to train together in India’s legislative, political, legal, and socio-economic system.

Professional Training Period 1-

The preparation of the foundation is accompanied by technical training where the applicants learn the job skills relevant to the assigned structure. It has a length of 26 weeks. In essence, this workshop is functional and applicable.

District Training

In this LBSNAA training period, the on-job training is taken to the district level. The officers are learning the basic skills of administration here. In this stage of training, they are given assignments that they are expected to complete. This has a length of around a year. It is regarded to be the most difficult aspect of the course of preparation.

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Professional Training 2

The probationers integrate their preparation from the base, vocational, and district preparation in the districts of their allotments to take up their real jobs.

Phase 4: IAS Officers with an Experience of 15-16 years

Phase IV marks the point that an IAS officer makes a big shift from execution positions to those of policy development. In the next decade, the positions he/she will fill will have a great capability to affect policy results and bring about qualitative changes in our citizens ‘ lives.

The emphasis is on understanding India’s public policy, developing the participants’ hard and soft skills, providing policy updates in key sectors, and focusing on emerging themes that are influencing the IAS world in the future.

Last and Final Phase-  IAS Officers with 26-28 years Experience

This is the last phase of the training program. The goal is to understand the workings applicable to policy formulation and execution of public policy, ethics, and law. The length of the course is three weeks.

Its architecture focuses on government strategic management alongside public policy and regulation.

Curious about the LBSNAA Fees?  Take a Look

The monthly charges per head (including water, electricity charges) for the

Single occupancy accommodation is Rs. 350/- and double occupancy accommodation is Rs 175.  That will be deducted from the OTs’ wage advance.

The monthly payments for the mess are between Rs. 9000-10000 or so.

Things that No One will Tell you about LBSNAA Training

The trainees enter their respective deputations, having completed their induction training. A few years ago, however, a high-level committee suggested that all IAS officers have some experience of working with the Central Secretariat, so that all IAS trainees are now allocated the title of Assistant Secretaries, and that they serve for a few months under the respective Joint Secretaries on a central deputation.

Staying Motivated is the Key

LBSNAA’s IAS training experience is a deeply enriching one. If becoming an IAS officer is a fantasy for aspirants, then IAS training is expressed as experiencing the first incident that comes true in the dream. Preparation in the IAS is often viewed as exhilarating, thrilling, and satisfying. But nothing comes easy in life, staying motivated during these workshops is going to help you cross the obstacles and prepare you for the next phases.

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