One of the best professions is serving one’s country. Everyone is serving the country in a thousand ways, but the hard part is to join the system and then change the country so that the people whom they are serving are comfortable living in the country. To serve and change the nation for betterment many people write exams such as UPSC.

The civil service commission in India is a very vast field and provides many different posts and each post has its own set of power and responsibilities. There are lakhs of aspirants who prepare for UPSC. Many might also have doubts about my salary after I get a post. Here is an article to know all about the salary of the civil service post in India.

What is the Salary of an IPS Officer in India?

The IPS pay structure was updated by the 7th Pay Commission, and consolidated pay levels were introduced. Currently, the IPS monthly payment is based only on the basic salary plus, DA, TA and HRA perks. The general improvements that the 7th pay commission has made to the existing pay pattern are listed below.

Rank Salary 
Deputy Superintendent of PoliceINR 56,100
Additional Superintendent of PoliceINR 67,700
Senior Superintendent of PoliceINR 78,800
Deputy Inspector General of PoliceINR 1,31,100
Deputy Inspector General of PoliceINR 1,44,200
Director General of PoliceINR 2,05,400
Director General of Police/ Director of IB or CBIINR 2,25,000

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Monthly Salary of IPS Officer

Given below is the monthly salary of an IPS officer at the entry-level and the highest level.

Level Basic Pay 
Entry LevelINR 56,100
Maximum PayINR 2,25,000

Salary Structure: 6th Central Pay Commission

Here is the table, which gives you the reference about the 6th salary pay commission.

Time Scale Rank Pay Scale 
Junior ScaleSuperintendent of Police (SP)Rs.15600-39100 + Grade Pay 5400
Senior ScaleSuperintendent of Police (SP)Rs.15600-39100 + Grade Pay 6600
Junior Administrative GradeSuperintendent of Police (SP)Rs.15600-39100 + Grade Pay 7600
Selection GradeSuperintendent of Police (SP)Rs.37400-67000 + Grade Pay 8700
Super-Time ScaleDeputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)Rs.37400-67000 + Grade Pay 8900
Super-Time ScaleInspector General of Police (IG)Rs.37400-67000 + Grade Pay 10000
Above Super-Time ScaleAdditional Director General Of Police (ADG)Rs.67000-79000
Above Super-Time ScaleDirector General of Police (DG)Rs.75500-80000 (Increment @ 3%) (HAG)

Rs.80000 (Fixed)

IPS Officer Salary and Perks

The pay of an IPS officer varies on the rank and is from INR 56,100 to INR 2,25,000. The pay scale is considered one of the most top service statuses in India. As his/her experience and years of service boost, the salary also keeps increasing. Many IPS officers are also awarded medals and awards for their extraordinary duties and services towards their country.

The IPS officers who are in the training period receive monthly pay and they are paid for the full-time training period that they serve. The IPS salary varies from state to state in India. Here are some benefits that an IPS officer gets


#Medical and health care services

#Staff quarters or residence with household staff

#Transportation facilities and allowances

Other than these, the IPS officers if interested can have study leaves so that they can study for their own academic interests and have degrees. After retirement, an IPS officer still receives benefits and also pension for the rest of their life.

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About IPS Officer

The Indian Police Service, or IPS, is a central government position with more benefits than state or private sector jobs. One of the numerous benefits of selecting IPS as a career is complete job security.

An IPS officer’s remuneration varies depending on their level of experience and other variables. An IPS officer’s tasks include safeguarding the country’s peace and law and order.

The UPSC exam, which involves many levels of examinations and personal interviews, is used to select IPS candidates. On October 4, 2021, the UPSC Prelims test will be held.

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Who Should Become an IPS Officer?

If the aspirant follows law and order and wants to see the entire national population also following it then one should opt for an IPS officer, One should be brave and should have leadership qualities so that they can lead the entire team. One should not be afraid to speak up and be sacred of smugglers or terrorism, as one needs to investigate the problems out.

One cannot expect to sit in AC and cannot expect to get their work done. The post requires work and action from your side. The person has to be attacking and also defensive so that one can save the lives of people and his/her own team. Becoming an officer is not a 12-hour job where there would be leaves for your marriage or functions, one should work 24 by 7.

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UPSC 3 Years Vacancies

Here are the last two years vacancies with the latest 2021 vacancies.

Service 202120202019
Indian Administrative Service180180180
Indian Foreign Service373624
Indian Police Service200200150

Group A Services

Here are the Group A vacancies

Service 202120202019
Group ‘A’

Indian Finance Service

P and T Accounts

Group ‘A’

Indian Audit and Accounts Service

Group ‘A’

Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Indirect Tax) Service

Group ‘A’

Indian Defence Accounts Service

Group ‘A’

Indian Revenue Service (I.T.)

Indian Ordnance Factories Service, Group ‘A’ (Assistant Works Manager, Government)00
Group ‘A’

Indian Postal Service

Group ‘A’

Indian Civil Accounts Service


Group A Services: Railway Department

Here are the Group A- Railway department vacancies of the three years

Indian Railway Protection Force Service920
Indian Railway Traffic Service, Group ‘A’078
Indian Railway Traffic Service, Group ‘A’033
Group ‘A’

Indian Railway Accounts Service

Group ‘A’

Indian Railway Personnel Service

Group ‘A’, Post of Assistant Security Commissioner (Railway Protection Force)6104
Group ‘A’

Indian Defence Estates Service

Group ‘A’

Indian Information Service (Junior Grade)

Group ‘A’

Indian Corporate Law Service


Group B Services

Here are the Group B vacancies

Service 202120202019
Group ‘B’, (Section Officer’s Grade)

Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service

Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Daman & Diu, Delhi, Lakshadweep, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Police Service, Group ‘B’72136
Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Daman & Diu, Delhi, Lakshadweep, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Police Service, Group ‘B’163125
Pondicherry Civil Service, Group ‘B’620

IPS vs IAS vs IFS Salaries

As you have seen the IPS salaries above, here are the IAS and IFS salaries.

IAS Salary

Here is the IAS 7th Commission Salary

Posts Basic Pay Pay Level 
Sub-Divisional Magistrate


Assistant Secretary

INR 5610010
Additional District Magistrate

Deputy Secretary


INR 67,70011
District Magistrate

Joint Secretary

Deputy Secretary

INR 78,80012
District Magistrate

Special Secretary-cum-Director Director

INR 1,18,50013
Divisional Commissioner


Joint Secretary

INR 1,44,20014
Divisional Commissioner

Principal Secretary

Additional Secretary

INR 1,82,20015
No Equivalent Rank

Additional Chief Secretary

No Equivalent Rank

INR 2,05,40016
No Equivalent Rank

Chief Secretary


INR 2,25,00017
No Equivalent Rank

No Equivalent Rank

Cabinet Secretary of India

INR 2,50,00018

IFS Salary

Here is an IFS salary in India as of 2021.

Scale Pay Structure Pay Scale 
Junior scale₹ 15600 – ₹ 39100₹5400
Senior time scale₹ 15600 – ₹ 39100₹6600
Junior administrative₹ 15600 – ₹ 39100₹7600
Selection grade₹37400 – ₹67000₹7600
Super time scale₹37400 – ₹67000₹10000
Super Super time scale₹37400 – ₹67000₹12000
Apex Payscale₹80000No-pay
Cabinet Secretary₹90000No-pay

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IPS pay scale and other benefits might be stimulating, but the aspirants and youngsters who are aiming to attempt UPSC should have a higher cause, that is serving the nation. When one thinks about attempting the Civil Service Examination they should have served the nation, their first and last goal.

All of the postings have a distinct presence in the country, allowing them to serve the country and earn a great deal of respect. So, if the main goal is to serve the country, after passing the UPSC exam, one can apply for any of the available positions. So, in order to realise this desire, the first and most important step is to prepare thoroughly for the UPSC exam.

The UPSC prelims or the IPS exam is held on October 4, 2021. There are many articles and courses in UPSC Pathshala, which will help the aspirants to get their desired score. If you have any doubts related to courses, then please feel free to comment in the comment section below. All the best!

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