Every year lakhs of applicants enrol themselves into the IPS (Indian Police Service) exam, to serve the country by being a part of the police force. UPSC committee recruits the IPSC office by conducting the Civil Service exam. The syllabus is also finalized by the UPSC committee.

You will be astonished to know that each year around 8 lakh candidates apply for the IPS Exam. They dream about serving the country and work hard day and night to achieve what they desire.

Here in this article, you will get to know – when does the physical test for IPS probationers take place? So, read on to find your answers.

The IPS Selection Process

The IPS selection process is divided into three parts, and candidates have to clear all three to become an IPS officer. These three stages are preliminary, the Main examination, and interview or personality test. The selection process starts with a preliminary exam in the month of June and ends in April. The result is done released in May.

The IPS service is segregated into various functional departments

  • Crime Branch
  • Criminal investigation department
  • Home Guard
  • Traffic bureau

 Structure of the IPS Examination

For you to prepare in the right direction and to get good fruit of your effort you need to first go through the structure of the IPS Examination. Like you already read above, the exam is divided into 3 stages:- preliminary, main examination, and interview or personality test. Read below how these three application process stages are structured:-

  • Prelims have 2 paper, one of the general studies and the other of CSAT (MCQ Type)
  • Mains exam has 9 papers:- 2 qualifying language papers, 1 essay, 4 GS papers, 2 Optional Papers of the same subject (Descriptive)
  • Interview:- it will be a personality test which is 275 marks.

The total marks for the exam are 2025. Be aware of the negative marking. For General studies, the negative marking is  0.66 and for CSAT the negative marking is 0.83.

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IPS Training

Once your IAS preparation has paid off with getting your UPSC examination cleared you will be getting IPS training. After you are recruited as the Indian Police Service Officer, you will be imparted training as the IPS. The training is given in 4 parts:-

  • The Foundation course which is for 3 months, is held at LBSNAA Mussoorie. All civil service recruits are training at the same centre.
  • Phase 1 training is held in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) in Hyderabad, it is for 11 months.
  • Then is 6 months, District Practical training at the respective cadre
  • Phase 2 training is for 1 month and is helping in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) in Hyderabad

When does the Physical Test for IPS Probationers Take Place?

Indian Police Service candidate who has cleared the civil service mains exam and is appearing for a personality test, they have to meet particular physical requirements to be further eligible for the Indian Police Service. When does the physical test for IPS probationers take place? If this question is troubling, then here is the answer. Once you get the main cleared you can go for the physical test and make sure that all the eligibility criteria are met.

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How to Prepare for IPS Examination?

To clear this imperative examination you need to have sheer dedication and patience to give your best in the exam. You have to burn the mid oil, to get the knowledge about all the topics that come in the syllabus of this exam. When you start your studies for the exam, you should read the biographies of a few of the established Indian Police Service offices in India. With their inspiring journey, you should get motivation. Not only this but by reading about their biography you will also get to know what are the major things that an IPS aspirant should keep in mind. You will also get to know what mistakes they made and that you can avoid in your journey.

If you are looking for the expert guidance you can take help of the best online platforms like UPSC Pathshala. Here you will get every guidance you need and the expert mentors will prepare you according to your skills set and your pace of learning.

Keep yourself away from every distraction that can take you away from what you want to achieve, because this will be the crucial time of your preparation, and losing your precious time won’t be a good way.


If you are one of the IPS aspirants who want to serve India by being recruited in the Police force, then you have to work even harder than you think. So, now that you know what is the process of IPS training, how are you planning to boost up your UPSC IAS preparation? You can share your thoughts with us by commenting in the below box.

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