In India, it is the dream of many to crack UPSC exams. In the endeavour for the same, you must have thought about when to start preparing for UPSC? These exams can be given by graduates only; however, this doesn’t mean that you cannot start preparing for it before graduation.

A majority of people start their preparation for UPSC after college as they have to give the UPSC exams right after their graduation. But irrespective of the time, start preparing for UPSC, as it needs practice and determination to crack one of the toughest exams in India.

In this article, we will be discussing when to start preparing for UPSC by having a look at all the options available.

UPSC Preparation Options

A large number of individuals give UPSC exams, and the age group of such examinees is broad. People from age as low as 21 to people of 32 years, all give the same exam. As the age group is comprehensive, the time at which every individual prepares for exams differs for each one of them.

Let’s see how students at different stages of life can prepare for UPSC and when to start preparing for UPSC as per your current position in life.

Doing UPSC Preparation in School Days

When we hear about UPSC exams’ difficulty level, the thing that sounds apt to us is to start UPSC preparation in school. However, it is to be considered that school life provides the basic knowledge that will ensure you a good life. It is to be taken care that preparing for UPSC exams doesn’t hinder the school education.

UPSC exam can be given only after graduation and to reach that stage; you first have to complete senior secondary education correctly. All in all, you can start UPSC studies in school, not intensely but lightly. You can begin by reading newspapers regularly if you are in school to get a gist of things around you, this will help you when you start the UPSC studies after College.

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Doing UPSC Preparation in College

Many of the UPSC aspirants start their UPSC coaching in college. The same is a good thing to do as the UPSC exam requires more than a year to prepare for. The students, while preparing for college exams, can simultaneously focus on UPSC preparation. However, managing college and UPSC also needs to be done properly as you have to clear graduations exams to appear in UPSC.

Doing UPSC after MBA

Many students think of doing UPSC after MBA. This can be a good option for many as for admission in a good MBA institute; you need to clear the CAT exam with good scores. The study for CAT helps the student indirectly in UPSC preps as some subjects are same as that of CAT such as logical reasoning, problem-solving, quantitative studies, etc. Same subjects in both the exams will lighten your burden a bit as you will have more time for preparing the uncommon subjects in UPSC after MBA.

Doing UPSC with Job

This is one of the most formidable options to choose if you want to crack the UPSC exam. This exam requires constant dedication and practice for which you need to have time. Office life is often hectic, and it becomes difficult to take out time. However, if you do proper time management, then the same can be done quickly. You can utilise your time left after office hours to prepare for the exam. A good time table is to be created and followed religiously for the same. Also, at least two years are needed for the UPSC prep with the job as aspirants won’t get much time after office hours every day.

Age Constraints while Preparing for UPSC

UPSC exam has the age limit of 32, hence many individuals prepare late for it. Many aspirants start preparing for UPSC at the age of 28 or afterwards. Though age is high, it is not late for UPSC. Many individuals near this age have a job, and they prepare for UPSC with the job. The only problem with higher age is time, so, if you have an ample amount of time to prepare for UPSC, then the same can be managed well. Individuals in this age have home responsibilities along with office work; hence, it will be a bit taxing for them and would require a lot of dedication. It is difficult but possible to pass the exam even if you start your preparation for UPSC at the age of 28 years or later.


All in all, the answer for when to start preparing for UPSC differs for each individual. However, one sure thing is that you will have to give all you have and put out your 100% to crack the UPSC exams. The UPSC exams are one of the toughest exams in India and acing it requires a mindset of a champion.

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