There are various ways to prepare for the UPSC exam. Every candidate opts for the best suitable method for their preparation. There are many motivational journeys of the IAS officers that guide and encourage you to perform wholeheartedly for your dreams. The most important thing to succeed in any exam is to have deep and thorough knowledge. It is fundamental to any exam. You can get the knowledge and understanding of all the concepts through NCERT books. Are you searching, which Geography NCERT for UPSC? Well, you have visited the right place. Go through this article to know about the NCERT books and their advantages.

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Is the NCERT Geography Book Sufficient for UPSC Preparation?

This question comes in all the candidates’ minds whether they can rely on only NCERT books or they must go through some books for better understanding. You can go through other books as well but reading the NCERT books is a must.

When you learn and study through these books, you tend to acknowledge every fact in detail. This is a complete form of preparation for you but if you want to go beyond that, you can purchase a few other books too. It depends on how much you want to know.

The important and all the topics are covered in the NCERT books. So, it is said that you must purchase it and start preparing for the exam without wasting time.

Importance of NCERT Books

There are many important factors about the NCERT books for the candidates of UPSC. The NCERT books contain the correct and authentic information from all the spheres. The content is checked and researched by experts and scholars before publishing. Moreover, the content of the books is available in the easiest language for everyone to understand and grab tremendously.

The book also has questions along with precise answers for you to understand the way of answering in the examination. You need not search for other books if you are thoroughly going with the NCERT books. Therefore, you must opt for these books to know all the details about the topics and to prepare yourself exponentially.

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Geography NCERT Books for UPSC

There are many NCERT books preferable for you. The list of the books is given below. Keep scrolling to know all the books so that you learn everything positively.

#1. Geography: NCERT Class VI – The Earth Our Habitat.

#2. Geography: NCERT Class VII – Our Environment.

#3. Geography: NCERT Class VIII – Resource and Development.

#4. Geography: NCERT Class IX – Contemporary India – I.

#5. Geography: NCERT Class X – Contemporary India – II.

#6. Geography: NCERT Class XI – Fundamentals of Physical Geography.

#7. Geography: NCERT Class XI – India – Physical Environment.

#8. Geography: NCERT Class XII – Fundamentals of Human Geography.

#9. Geography: NCERT Class XII – India – People and Economy. 

Is Geography NCERT Enough for UPSC Mains?

The NCERT Geography book is enough for the candidates for the UPSC exam. This book has information about the topics in a sequential manner. The candidates can start their studies from lower to higher topics in terms of rigidity. It will help to understand everything consciously.

The books have detailed maps and topographical patterns to give you ideas of the exact locations and geographical areas. You can practice the questions from it exponentially.

If you want some specific topics in deep learning, you can go for purchasing other books, otherwise, the NCERT is the best. Most of the candidates have conquered the examination by preferring the NCERT. You must also strive to get all the information through these books.

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How to Read Geography NCERT for UPSC?

The NCERT is the simplest and most reliable book for UPSC preparations. The geography syllabus could be understood by it because of its vast coverage of all the topics. You can start studying the NCERT Geography books syllabus-wise or class-wise. Both the patterns are helpful for your growth of knowledge.

If you do class-wise preparation, it helps you to have clear ideas and excellent knowledge growth because it has the topics from lower to a higher range and if you opt for the syllabus-wise preparation, you will learn everything in a format, completing everything on time. Both the methods are appropriate. It depends on the candidates what they choose.

The UPSC Background

Geography is a considerably significant subject for the UPSC exam. All the candidates must prepare for it nicely and should not waste their time in analyzing whether they like the subject or not.

The questions from this field are asked in the Prelims and Mains. If you ignore this subject, it will prove to be dangerous for your scores. You get a decent score in this subject if prepared properly.

There have been very few examples where the fewer number of questions from geography were asked in the UPSC. According to the evaluation, at least 15, 16, or 22 questions are asked, making it important for the aspirants. Therefore, it should be given more sincere time to prepare.

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Which Geography NCERT for UPSC?

The questions of the exam are not simple and stable. It keeps on fluctuating every year. The prelims question paper has two different types of questions. The first ones are the fundamental questions prepare to check the candidates’ basic knowledge and the other type of questions are contemporary type.

You must be aware of all the current affairs of the country and outside. The NCERT books have everything in it from the explanations of the facts to the questions and answers. It is the most suitable form of preparation for you. The toppers also advise the aspirants to begin their knowledge development from the NCERT books. You should take the book sooner to start the preparation.

Have a Look at Preparation Methods!

Every candidate looks for the best methods for their preparation so that they get an edge over others in terms of their knowledge. For the preparation of geography, people choose atlas. Another most used book is NCERT. This is said that despite being rooted in arts and humanities, geography is primarily a science. You have to prepare for it with the same enthusiasm and perceptions as the other science subjects.

When you opt for so many books, it makes you confused and underprepared. You must go with one efficient book. According to all the experts and toppers, NCERT is the most effective book for all the candidates that has every information.

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The NCERT books are a must to read to strengthen your level of preparation for the UPSC exam. It will increase your hold on the concepts and lets you acknowledge the perfect answers for each question.

If you are a candidate for the UPSC exam and want to reduce your burden of questions and dilemmas, you must visit the UPSC Pathshala website. You will get the best outputs for all your questions. The experts and experienced personalities are there to help and guide you on everything. This is the best platform for you if you want to succeed proudly in this honorable examination.

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