Who Is Mrunal Patel? Mrunal Patel’s IAS Coaching, Strategy, and Posting

Mrunal Patel is nowadays very popular among civil service aspirants in India. His simplicity and modesty always attract students and methods of teaching rarely replicable. He is teaching an Economy for civil service aspirants at an online education platform. Mrunal Patel’s books for IAS Prelims are also very famous.

Mrunal Patel’s Biography

He graduated from L.M. College of pharmacy at one of the prestigious colleges in Ahmedabad, then he went to SPIPA (Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel institute for public administration) and attempted a civil services exam once in 2009. Then joined SPIPA as faculty after some time and today he is teaching at Unacademy an online education platform.

Mrunal Patel IAS Journey and Failure

After completing graduation he joined the SPIPA institution run by his own government of Gujarat, he was like a normal aspirant like many others. He had cleared prelims 2009 and he got misguided by seniors and could not qualify in mains, then he stopped preparing for UPSC any more. So, this is why you will never get any information on Mrunal Patel rank or posting.

He started a blog with the aim to break the monopoly of tuition classes in the capital of India and to give a path to misguided aspirants. After some years the blog became a website named mrunal.org.

His website is full of materials, past papers, mains answer writing tips, etc, and other miscellaneous information relating to the civil services exam for free. With his website, anyone could start from zero for civil services exam preparation and it was incredible. Many times he expressed his genuine feelings for Delhi coaching and always suggested aspirants to not to blindly follow any branded newspaper preferred by seniors for current affairs.

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Mrunal Patel’s Blog

Most of the aspirants after failure join business/ do jobs/ give lectures in coaching, etc. But Mrunal always wanted to break that dictatorship enjoyed by Coachingwalas at Delhi. By following his heart, he started blogging (and still you can see his blog on WordPress).

As a Gujarati guy, he is also a business-minded person. By receiving a good response in his Blog he started a website. But rather than taking money from aspirants, he started advertising some sites and giving material of all kinds for absolutely free to aspirants.

Even an aspirant having zero knowledge can start his/ her preparation from his site. For him, ‘Success’ is not about bank balance or huge bungalows or hefty deposits, But by helping people through their path even if he had not made it, and make his place in their hearts forever.

What Mrunal Patels does and What Role He Plays for Aspirants?

  • He stands as a guide to the people who generally aim at civil services with zero knowledge.
  • He informs UPSC aspirants what is important to study over papers, magazines and how the paper could be.
  • He informs aspirants of some important websites to follow in regular intervals who don’t know about it.
  • He gives economic knowledge as a professor in class rather than all others.
  • He is the one who can clearly explain what is civil services and what roles are vital.
  • He gives some of the ranker’s interviews and lets aspirants know the way they followed.
  • He will let aspirants know how to subscribe to some magazines which are necessary.

Mrunal Patel’s Work Under His Website

  • He is literally a businessman who advertises all necessities to the students who are preparing for CSAT.
  • He is a resource as well.
  • He is a marketing manager for the site and is well equipped with personality development skills.
  • He worked at SPIPA. As faculty, he teaches Economics in the very lucid manner for students

Mrunal Joining Unacademy

Mrunal Patel joined Unacademy recently and started charging for their classes for special Mrunal Patel IAS coaching. This led to widespread criticisms by the users as the whole point of the website was to help people who cannot afford to coach.

However, Mrunal has been teaching really awesome stuff at least for the past 7–8 years with an effort to provide quality content for free. He has invested huge efforts but hasn’t been receiving due returns on his hard work. To survive and prosper, any person or institution requires funds and finances. Doing things for free may attract but in the long run, it isn’t sustainable. However, it is also true that this step has made people who saw Mrunal as a philanthropist, turn to view him as a capitalist.

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Good talent must not go into obscurity because of their genuine drive for welfare and innovation. Students from the various examination will always be benefited from the quality content of Mrunal. He, who provided the best quality of coaching for everyone, especially it helps a lot to the poor society of India.

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Who Is Mrunal Patel? Mrunal Patel’s IAS Coaching, Strategy, and Posting
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Who Is Mrunal Patel? Mrunal Patel’s IAS Coaching, Strategy, and Posting
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