Have you ever wondered who is the youngest female IAS officer of India? Then the answer to that is Smita Sabharwal.

Smitha was born in Darjeeling to an army member. Her father Colonel P.K Das is now a retired army officer and her mother is Purabi Das.

Her father, being in the army, had been posted in Hyderabad from where the youngest female IAS officer of India did her further education.

Smita Sabharwal Biography and Smita Sabharwal Salary

Smita Sabharwal pursued her B.Com education from St. Francis Degree College for Women in Hyderabad.

She had also secured all India first rank in her grade XII ICSE board exam.

She failed to clear the UPSC exam in her first attempt but ranked all India 4th rank in her next attempt.

At her current post, additional secretary to the chief minister of Telangana Smita Sabharwal has a salary of 67000 per month.

She was married in the year 2004 to an IPS officer. Her husband’s name is Akun Sabharwal.

Facts about the Youngest Female IAS Officer in India

There are a few mind-blowing facts about the youngest female IAS officer in India.

  • She was 23 when she passed her UPSC exam in the second attempt in 2000. She secured all India rank 4.
  • She is the first lady officer to join the chief minister’s office from IAS. She joined the Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao in his office
  • She was nominated for Prime Minister’s award under the category of excellence in Public Service in the best district initiative programme when she was part of the United government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • She has won Chief Minister’s Award for best district twice. Once in 2011-12 and once in 2012-13.
  • She has more than 5 lakh followers and many fan pages on social media accounts. She is said to be among the most popular public officers.
  • She is also an entrepreneur, and she uses the skills in her work to create better programmes.

Study Preparation

Now that you know so much about her, you should know how she studied.

She used to study for 6 hours a day, but being from an army family physical activity was a must on a daily basis. For this, she used to have 1-hour daily physical activity. This not only kept her body fit but also mind fresh.

Like everyone, she used newspapers as a source of current affairs. It is very common practice for everyone to use newspapers, as they are very reliable and have verified sources.

Since she was an IAS aspirant, she had public administration as her playoff and also anthropology.

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Schemes Introduced

Below listed are few notable schemes introduced by Smita Sabharwal IAS officer :

  • To ensure voting in districts and small villages, she introduced the scheme called “Voters Panduga”. In this voters were provided with vehicles so that they could go to the designated voting booths.
  • She introduced “dry days” in which all the water that was stored in open grounds was removed and any well or water storage was cleaned and filled with fresh water to check the breeding of mosquitoes
  • She launched the “Praja Vaani” which means the voice of the people. It is a web system to jot down grievances in local languages. This is directly reported to the district collectorate.
  • When she was in Warangal and part of the Municipal Corporation, she introduced the “Fund Your City” program, through which public services were built in a Public-Private Partnership

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Smita Sabharwal is India’s youngest female IAS officer. She is an inspiration to many women around the country and even in the world. Her efforts in the field of public services have won her many laurels, and she is very well known throughout India. Even as a young student her mark sheet was always Top of the Mark.

She has an all India number one rank for her XII grade and also all India number 4 rank for her UPSC exam. Her will and determination have pushed her very far in life and she is the first woman IAS officer to be part of the Chief Minister’s office. She surely has shown everyone that hard work will always give you results, no matter what! So let’s learn from the real-life superwoman and work hard. All the best!

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