UPSC interviews are quite an intimidating process. The interviews’ main objectives are to analyze the personality traits of a candidate and how knowledgeable they are. Many aspirants have to ask questions like who takes UPSC interview? Where is it conducted? Who takes the UPSC interview exam? Let’s find out.

Who takes Interview in UPSC?

Board members of UPSC conduct the interviews. It comprises four members and a chairperson. There are different types of UPSC interviews, depending upon the post. UPSC invites the remaining four members except for the chairman. These other four members are an expert in their respective fields, for example, scientists, forces officers, professors, etc.

What are the Interviewers Looking for in an Aspirant?

  • Personality Traits

The first matter of the inspection in the UPSC interview is the personality. The way a candidate conducts themselves explains a lot. Here your body posture and gestures are very important. You should always maintain a poised body posture, no matter how anxious you feel. Remember, good eye contact is the initiator of successful communication.

  • Mental Calibre and Spontaneity

The interviewers expect a candidate to be mentally prepared for hard situations. They often create a challenging environment to check the mental alertness of the candidate. One should always answer confidently and spontaneously. Fumbling puts a bad impression; therefore, spontaneity in your answers is a must.

  • Academic Preparation and General Awareness

Apart from being mentally strong and opinionated, the other parameter that an interviewer looks for is how well-read a candidate is. They judge the knowledge on general awareness, politics, economics, and sometimes even some bizarre issues. Almost every interview follows a structured format, but UPSC interviews are different. Contrary to the people’s preconceived notion that civil interviews are a mere conversational round, it’s much more than that.

  • Social Skills

Since this is a civil services job, it is all about serving the country. Interviews are often convinced by the candidates who are looking forward to contributing to the country. Qualities like integrity, patriotism are often appreciated.

These were just a few parameters on which the interviewers judge the candidates. There are many more. Before appearing for the interview, get detailed research done.

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Is the UPSC Interview Panel Stern?

Most of the candidates get anxious even before appearing for the interview. There is a cloud of misconception in people’s heads that UPSC interviewers are daunting. Contrary to what people think, the Interview panel is warm and makes you feel comfortable. They try to build the confidence level in a candidate and bring out the best in them.

Who takes Interview for Lecturer in UPSC?

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of UPSC interviews. Particularly interviewers for lecturer are also taken by the same panel that includes four board members and a chairman. These members are connoisseurs in their particular fields.

UPSC Interview Place

As far as the question, “Where is UPSC interview conducted?” is concerned, the place where civil services interviewers take place is Dholpur House in New Delhi. Candidates across the nation travel to Delhi for the interviews. This is one of the reasons for Delhi being a hub for UPSC.

Significance of Civil Services Interview

UPSC exam requires strenuous preparation. But often in the process of preparation, candidates take the interviews lightly. One should remember that interviews are the final gateway to civil services. It has a weightage of 275 marks out of 2025 marks. UPSC interviewers can either take you to the pinnacle or make you fall miserably on the ground. So now you know how important UPSC interviews are. Brace yourself and start preparing

Some Tips to be Interview Ready

  1. Make concise and well-structured notes.
  2. Emphasize current affairs as this is the vast and most important topic of the entire paper. Read newspapers daily; this is the primary source of general knowledge.
  3. Previous years’ question papers are a saviour. This would make your preparation rock solid and gives you a brief idea about the paper pattern.
  4. Build your analytical and critical thinking. This is the most ignored part of the preparation. One should always practice questions that challenge mental ability. It would lessen the chances of mistakes in such questions.
  5. Read the success stories of IAS toppers for that boost of motivation.
  6. Lastly, be optimistic and enjoy the process of preparation.

UPSC interviews are game-changers; they can either make or break your dream of being a civil servant. Candidates should broaden their horizon and flourish their skill sets by reading non-fiction books. It increases your knowledge. You can have productive communication in the interviews. No matter who takes your interview, ensure that you are well prepared. Keep reading our blogs for more UPSC specific content.

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