The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), India’s leading national authority,  takes one of the country’s hardest civil services tests. The preparation of the UPSC exam has changed over the years. Unlike before, with innovating technology, information is just a click away.

With convenient access to the Internet, social media, and devices such as phones, laptops and tablets, the way students approach UPSC has undergone a major shift. With all accessible online, the candidate can save time and energy which used to be taken up by following traditional methods such as going to the library.

Why UPSC Online Coaching is Most Preferred among Students

The primary benefit of opting for online UPSC training is that it encourages and reinforces self-study techniques and strategies in the minds of candidates.  Experts claim that self-study is the easiest and most successful method of study that aspiring people can pursue to recognize their strong and weak points, as it helps aspiring people to prepare their own study plan at their own speed as per their convenience.

There is an abundant number of learning resources for UPSC online preparation. Aspirants have a variety of materials available to them. It is of great quality provided by highly experienced institutions or coaching centres.

UPSC online classes can also be used free of charge and, in some cases, with fair fees. Moreover, applicants can purchase only part of the study content,  or online content for UPSC preparation, depending on their needs, making it affordable and economical.

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Online Coachings Saves Time

Online coaching can be taken from your desired location. All you need is a quiet spot, a phone or a laptop, and an internet connection  This means that it’s easier to arrange client meetings. In addition, there is no need for travel, which ensures that time is saved and that clients do not have to take special time from their day. Internet coaching thus saves time and resources.

You can cover a wider geographical area through online coaching, as you are no longer connected to a particular location. This provides the opportunity to be coached/guided on the other side of the country, or on the other side of the world.

Personalized Tutoring- Available at All Times

There is no doubt that you would have multiple platforms for online coaching for UPSC but to find one which gives you not only resources but live mentorship at all times is excellent. If you have doubts regarding a subject then they can help you with queries right away and give you valuable feedback as well. Examples of the finest IAS online coaching are upsc pathshala, Byju’s, Udemy and many more.

Want to Crack IAS Prelims? What Factors to Look for in  IAS Online Coaching?

The majority of IAS aspirants choose to go with online coaching for many reasons. But when it comes to finalizing one platform it can be quite challenging due to the availability of many. But every coaching institution has different USBs and criteria and you need to choose what fits your requirements. Below are some factors that you can look for when opting for UPSC online classes.

Updated Online Classes

Look for UPSC online tests and classes that offer up to date content. Usually, the UPSC syllabus changes every other year so to have content that caters to the most recent syllabus is useful. So look out for online courses with the most upgraded material.

Experienced Staff and Mentors

It certainly makes more sense to go for online IAS coaching where online teaching faculty is highly experienced and influential. The faculty that has a large community on the subject and also a decent amount of experience of teaching in the same way as the guidelines of the UPSC Syllabus are more likely to prepare you with the skills needed to effectively complete the IAS exam.

Polishes Your Writing Skills

It should never be forgotten that you will be competing in order to enter the Indian Administrative Services. As a result, UPSC will judge your skills as a future administrator mainly through what and how you write in the exam. The answers should reflect an informed, aware, analytical, and unbiased mind. Those are the characteristics that make up a strong administrator.

And these are also the traits that UPSC needs in a future administrator. So, go for an online IAS coaching that sharpens your writing skills and conveys all of your qualities to UPSC through the answers which you showcase in the exam.

Ask For Demo Class

If you are unsure of the online course but you want to give it a try then you have the option of taking a free trial course and experiencing their live teachings. You can get a slight idea of their methodology and whether or not they meet your requirements.


Online Coaching is far better than conventional coaching because earlier and even still people from smaller towns have to move to big cities and get themselves enrolled in institutions. They not only have to invest money in the institution but transport, housing, and food have to be taken care of as well. To make learning more convenient that’s where online coaching plays a vital role because it makes learning easier and accessible to students who aspire to participate in competitive exams.

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Why Take Online Classes for Your UPSC Preparation? How is Online Coaching Better?
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