Why you need a mentor for your UPSC Preparation?

With the syllabus of UPSC being so vast, it is very easy for anyone to get lost in studies. There would be days when you read the newspaper for hours, but still won’t be able to recollect any important news of the day. You will end up buying many books but not manage to read even one of them completely. This process continues for months which is more detrimental than useful. You will not only be more confused conceptually but also can’t articulate the thoughts on paper. Some of the common problems faced by students are:

1. To study or not to study, that is the question…

Firstly, they do not know what to study. With so many books in the market and so much of information available online it is really difficult for new student to really differentiate between useful sources and useless sources. He ends up buying all the books and getting lost on the internet.

2. UPSC is like running a marathon…

The preparation for UPSC is stretched over a very long period. It is pretty common for a student to lose steam. In such a case the student needs to be motivated so that he keeps studying for a long time. Sometimes internal motivation is not enough, but he also needs external motivation.

3. Every great journey needs course correction…

While preparing for UPSC one needs to constantly keep correcting his course. This can be done only with constant third person evaluation. The right approach is “study – test – feedback – evaluate”. For this we need someone who is highly experienced by our side.

Discussion on Idea of Development by Atul Jain

4. Practice practice and practice…

Practice is the key to success in UPSC. Write as many answers as possible, solve as many questions as possible to hone your writing skills. But it’s not just about writing but also about getting the right feedback for your answers. Always keep your sources of feedback limited but authentic. It can be anybody from some friend, relative etc.

UPSC Pathshala offers a solution…

We at UPSC Pathshala offer such mentors to the students. These mentors conduct one-to-one sessions with the students two times in a week for 30 minutes duration. Our mentors are ex-civil servants or at least have reached the interview. The mentor conducts sessions on video calling where he covers broad aspects like:

    1. Personalised day-to-day study plan as per the student requirement based on the time he can dedicate to studying.
    1. Regular subjective questions solving from day one to ensure the student develops answer writing skills.
    1. Regular doubt solving sessions with the mentor reducing the waiting time in the studies.
  1. Ensuring that the syllabus is completed on time with sufficient revision and practice tests for both prelims and mains.

Polity Question discussion by Akshay Palande
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