Amidst the covid 19 second wave in India, Every entity from the government to an individual is worried about the effect that COVID-19 will have on the operations in India. Whether it is the working of the companies or the examinations, everything has come under a question mark. Candidates applying for national level examinations like UPSC are worried about whether UPSC 2021 will be postponed? They are searching for the right information that can provide them with the exact answer to “Is the UPSC exam postponed?”. At this point in time, it is important to guide these candidates in the right direction where they are able to get the right answer to prepare accordingly. In this article, candidates can get the right information according to what the government has notified till now.

Civil Services Examination Being Postponed?

The Civil Services Prelims and Indian Forest Services Prelims Exam 2021 have been delayed and not postponed yet. The Commission announced that the notification would soon be published on, though the exact delay is not known. Till then it is known that the examination will be conducted on the 27th June 2021 which is given according to the calendar schedule. So till now, there is no news of the UPSC examination being postponed, hence you can continue your preparation without any pause till the next notification. Like other examinations, the UPSC examination will also be conducted with all the precautions to secure every candidate’s health. There will be guidelines that will be launched for the candidates appearing for the examination.

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Current Date

As there is no official notification on the IAS examination being postponed the schedule for the examination will be as given earlier. We have given the examination dates below for your reference again so that you don’t miss out on any information.

Examination  Dates
UPSC Prelims examination 27th June 2021 (Sunday)
UPSC Mains examination 17.09.2021 (FRIDAY)

Make sure that you have applied for the examination before the deadline. These small points are imperative to note as if you miss out on the date then you will be missing out on the great opportunity. You may lose one entire year in missing out on a small date. Hence it is emphasized that when you are preparing for any examination you must be prepared with all the basic information of the examination like pattern, syllabus, dates, etc.

Tips to Clear UPSC Examination

UPSC examination is considered to be one of the tough examinations that are taken by lakhs of candidates with the dream of becoming an IAS officer in their eyes. They put all their time and dedication into clearing the examination but if the preparation is not done in the right direction with the right steps then all the time and dedication that the candidate is putting may go into vain. Hence when a candidate is starting with the UPSC examination preparation make sure you spend a good amount of time in the research as well. You have to research how to start the preparation or even about what is the pattern of the examination. Note the following tips to get your preparation going in the right direction.

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1. Bond with the Books

As a cliche saying, to score good make the books your best friends. You have to apply the same formula in the UPSC examination as well. In this technologically driven world, many candidates may find reading a book very difficult. But one has to understand that books have an ocean of knowledge. This ocean of knowledge will be fetching you a rank to fulfil your dream. So if you think that you can do it all with the help of resources given on online portals then it is time to change your mind and buy some books. Make sure that you start with the NCERT Books from 6th to 12th Standard as they are the key to the foundation.

 2. Paste the Picture of the Syllabus

Ensure that you save the curriculum so that you don’t open a resource to check whether or not this is part of your curriculum. Keep the syllabus written and shown anywhere you can always see it before you know it inside. That is to make sure that whatever theme you find in everyday events or current matters, you know how much time you have to spend on your curriculum. You can also associate the dynamic events with the static curriculum if you know the curriculum well.

 3. Timetable is No Joke

Time is everything, if you don’t value the time it will not value you, it is as simple as that. To clear the UPSC examination in the limited time given to you, it is your duty to make the most out of it. Hence it is said that after completing the initial step of knowing the syllabus, pattern, and dates, the next step is to make a schedule according to your daily routine, if you have classes going on then you have to mould your timetable in such a way that both are managed. There is no universal timetable, hence candidates take it as a joke and try to follow what others do. But Timetable has to be a personalized schedule of the candidate where everything from their relaxing time, eating time, and studying time is taken care of.


Whether will UPSC 2021 be postponed or not? Hopefully, you have already got the answer to this question in this article. You also got tips to prepare for the UPSC with the help of which you can tweak your preparation strategy in the right direction. Now that you know the supposed date of the UPSC exam,  is suggested that as a UPSC aspirant you keep yourself updated with all the important information that can affect your examination preparation and the examination date. As COVID-19 is on the rise again, it may affect the examination pattern or date as well, hence we will keep you updated with the same.

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