A petition was filled by 24 UPSC aspirants in the Supreme Court for seeking relaxation of age limit restriction and giving them an extra attempt in UPSC 2021. They argue that the pandemic has disrupted their preparation very badly. Read the article till the end to know all about the UPSC extra attempt news.

Extra Attempt in UPSC 2021

There are some restrictions in the age limit as well as in the number of attempts for appearing in the civil services exam. For the general candidate, the number of attempts is six, and the age limit is  32. Whichever comes first. For an OBC candidate, the number of attempts is nine till he or she reaches the age of 35. For an SC/ST candidate, the number of attempts is unlimited till the age of 37.

As stated above the candidates could not prepare for the IAS exam due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is yet to be confirmed if the candidates were infected with the virus or ill due to the virus during the time of the exam.

The UPSC Board of Counsel had made a statement that such an attempt will only be allowed to the candidates infected with Covid-19.

For candidates to get an extra attempt in UPSC 2021 the permission has to granted by the Department of personal and training under the  Ministry of Personnel.

What does the Supreme Court Say?

Supreme Court is currently waiting for a reply from the UPSC Board of Counsel. Justice AM Khanwilkar has allowed the petition.  The hearing will take place only after the UPSC Board of Counsel will reply to the Supreme Court.

Previously, the Supreme court declined the proposal to postpone USPC exams during a pandemic.

Earlier, the Supreme Court considered giving one more attempt to candidates suffering from Covid but within the age limits.

This decision has risen hopes in many candidates who had their last attempt in UPSC 2020.

In UPSC 2020 more than three lakhs candidates appeared amid the pandemic.  Many students missed the exam due to the lack of availability of transportation near the exam centers.

Tips to Ace UPSC IAS 2021

  • Before starting your preparation you should memorize the syllabus of the UPSC exam 2021.
  • Start by your preparation for UPSC Mains and then move on to the preparation of Prelims three-four months prior to it.
  • Make an organized time table for studying. Don’t just study anything randomly.  It won’t help you remember things in the long run.
  • Join a good coaching class. If there are not any good coaching class near you then can also join online coaching classes. You just need to have someone who can give you proper guidance. Only take guidance from a person who is experienced in this field. Don’t fall for phonies.
  • Read the newspaper daily and note down the important news. You will figure which new is important by the syllabus.  That is why it is important to memorize the syllabus.
  • Choose the optional subject in which you have a good grip.  Most of the IAS aspirants are preferring to choose Public Administration.

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Things to Avoid While Preparing for UPSC

  • Don’t waste your time in perfecting each and every topic. You just need to have good knowledge of the basics. As you all know time is money. So use it wisely.
  • Don’t keep postponing giving your mock exams just for the sake of writing a perfect answer.
  • Don’t just keep studying constantly. Take breaks at regular intervals. Do not miss your good night sleep for any reason. After studying for all-day your mind is going to need some rest to register whatever you have studied.
  • While making notes don’t just write everything words by word. Just write down the important words which will be keywords. Practice writing this keyword in your mocks. This technique will surely fetch you more marks.

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There is still a chance that there will a relaxation of a number of attempts. However, whether the age limit barrier will be removed can’t be said for sure.  The hearing will proceed once the UPSC Board of Counsel replies to the Supreme Court.

The  Supreme Court is agreeing to allow candidates who were suffering from coronavirus to appear in UPSC 2021 but will not be exceeding the age limits restriction.

Department of Personnel and training which is under the Ministry of Personnel should approve the petition of the candidates for the extra attempt in UPSC.

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Will UPSC Give Extra Attempt in 2021? Check-out Latest Information about IAS 2021
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Will UPSC Give Extra Attempt in 2021? Check-out Latest Information about IAS 2021
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