How it works?

check Video lectures by the best faculty of India
check Emphasis on deep understanding of concepts
check Focus on current and relevant examples and case studies
check Frequent updates of website, emails, whatsapp
check Doubt solving sessions
check Guidance for every step of the exam
check Less time consuming and flexible mode of study
How do I use the lectures?

You should follow the study plan provided with the course. Watch the videos and keep making notes. Keep revising the notes on the revision dates. In case you don't understand the notes, go back to the lecture.

Why am I not provided notes?

The only notes that can help you in this exam are the ones made by you. We want you to consume the lectures in double the runtime of the videos. You must keep pausing the lectures and keep scribbling your notes.

What is the ideal time to start preparation?

Ideally you should start at least 8-9 months before the Prelims date. If you are late, you will have to put in extra effort and will have to study very regularly.

What if I find some topic not covered in the lectures?

There may be two reasons for such a thing. First and most likely is that we have deliberately skipped that topic as it takes a lot of time and carries very little weightage in the examination. Secondly, if we have forgotten to cover a specific topic, you must immedately let us know. We will cover that topic as soon as possible.