Why our online IAS Coaching Model Works Better than others

How It Works?

Everthing you want to know about how UPSC Pathshala ensures your success

UPSC Pathshala is India's largest online preparation platform for Civil Services. It provides complete support for the preparation at every stage of preparation.

There are clear advantages of choosing online. It provides you with the time flexibility to study as per your convenience. It also ensures that there is no location constraint on you. Being in any city, you can get advantage of getting trained by the best trainers of India. There is also no limit on the number of times you can view the lectures unlike any offline coaching class.

Mentor is a teacher with significant experience in training aspirants for Civil Services. He will not be the teacher(s) delivering the lectures.

Mentorship is a unique offering of UPSC Pathshala. Mentor will be giving the student a day by day study plan and thus, planning his/her study calendar. Apart from that, he/she will call the student twice in a week to evaluate the progress made and to resolve the doubts of the student.

In a group, student tends to either waste time listening to others' doubts or feels to embarassed to ask anything. In a one to one mode, he/she feels more relaxed and encouraged to ask doubts. Also, the attention of the mentor is not divided by multiplicity of students.

The people delivering lectures are some of India's best educators, belonging to IITs, Delhi University, Mumbai University. They, along with an advisory panel consisting of Civil Servants and academicians, have created the video lectures.

Yes. There will be frequent tests, usually one every fortnight to assess your progress and preparation.

Yes. The course will cover the entire part of CSAT covered.

We only have 2 optionals available with us, Geography and Sociology. We will be able to prepare you in only these two optionals.

We at UPSC Pathshala do not provide any physical study material. We believe every student should prepare his own notes while watching the videos. These notes are evaluated and checked by our mentors. Apart from that we do provide online tests for the students for regular evaluation.