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A Mother & a UPSC Aspirant found the perfect class for her dream

We provided a highly affordable yet effective UPSC preparation for Amita. Learn how.

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Manisha’s mentor is available even on Sunday to solve her doubt.

Learn how our dedicated personal mentors have immensely helped Manisha.

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This is why Priyanka recommends UPSC Pathshala to all.

Our short and to the point study materials have immensely helped Priyanka. Learn How

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UPSC Pathshala is indeed best for working professionals like me, says Ravi

Ravi says that our study materials are flexible and suited perfectly ape per the personal needs of the aspirant.

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UPSC Pathshala also taught me Time Management, says Arsh

Arsh wanted a one stop solution that saves him time and gives a directed approach to his test prep.

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Why Shadiya feels lucky to join UPSC Pathshala?

Learn how we helped Shadiya balance her job and UPSC preparation.

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Why UPSC Pathashala’s regularity impresses Pratibha?

Behind every successful attempt is a structured plan that worked well. Pratibha has been preparing with UPSC Pathshala for...

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Why Ashutosh thinks joining UPSC Pathshala was his best decision

While searching for the best online coaching classes for UPSC, Ashutosh came across UPSC Pathshala in the top list....

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Planning UPSC prep from scratch? I joined the best says Ramakrishna

Ramakrishna didn’t know how to start the preparation. UPSC Pathshala is helping him understand the requirements of this exam...

Jan 18 · 9 sec read >

UPSC Pathshala made managing work & study easy, quotes Mahesh

Mahesh while doing his IT job always wanted a platform where he could start his preparation at his own...

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