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A dedicated Personal Mentor is what makes UPSC Pathshala special says Veer

Uncleared doubts are always a concern while preparing for UPSC. Veer found it very easy to get his doubts...

Jan 18 · 11 sec read >

Does Inception 2020 course covers every topic Suneha wanted?

When Suneha’s brother recommended her to join UPSC Pathshala by watching Atul Sir’s video, she didn’t know her experience...

Jan 18 · 9 sec read >

Sandhya believes Science students can Crack UPSC too!

If someone says being from science background is a disadvantage in UPSC preparation, then Sandhya outrightly rejects that belief....

Jan 18 · 10 sec read >

UPSC Exam Calendar 2020

It is that time of the year again when the UPSC Calendar is published and we have for you...

Jan 9 · 54 sec read >