Joining civil services is a dream of millions of students. This is noted by an ever-increasing number of applicants, season after season. There was a time when the preparation of the Civil Service exam was in parallel with post-graduate students. The trend then shifted to students who completed their Bachelor’s degree. But today, students’ level of awareness is much higher, and some exactly know what they want to do in life. That is why today you will be getting to know how one should go about IAS after completing their 12th and which subject is best for IAS.

Which Course is Best for IAS After 12th?

The first decision that the applicant has to take is to determine which course/stream is best for IAS. Since subjects of humanities form the foundation of the civil service exam syllabus, those who graduate with subjects of humanities will definitely have a slight advantage, particularly in the case of optional subjects. Humanities such as history, geography, political science, sociology are popular scoring optional subjects.

But by no means this should demotivate any students belonging to a non-humanity background. Optional subject options made available by UPSC cater to students of all streams. The applicant who has begun graduation will have 3+ years to prepare. The strategy for an undergraduate student should be to prepare for general studies subjects in the first two years of graduation and to start preparing for an optional subject in the final third year. The students undertaking a four-year-long bachelor’s degree will obviously have more time to prepare.

Can We Apply for IAS After 12th?

There are students who ask can we give UPSC exam after the 12th? The answer is no. The UPSC requires an undergraduate degree of either three or four years. Without your degree, you won’t be allowed to appear for the exam. Whether it is an IAS, IPS or IFAS, a degree is a mush. But does having a degree guarantee that you will clear this IAS exam? Certainly not, which is why you would need to develop certain skills and habits to fully prepare yourself for this exam. Let us take a look.

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How To Be an IAS After 12th?

  1. Current Affairs is the most important part of the CSE curriculum. A good grasp of current affairs is compulsory for any applicant. Just develop a habit of reading a newspaper, magazines on a daily basis. However, reading everything from the first page to the last page is not the best way to read it and you should know what to read in a newspaper.
  2. Your ability to form an opinion on issues will be tested in the essay paper as well as in the personality round. And this is something that can not be formed overnight. It has to be cultivated slowly and attentively. An aspiring person must think about how and why things are. We all have opinions on these issues. Our opinion may differ from the majority, but it is important that the opinion is supported by good and logical reasoning.

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More Such Skills to Include in Your Lifestyle

  1. Pick up any issue that is currently in the news and try to analyze it objectively from all aspects. Each issue has a social dimension, a political dimension, an institutional dimension, a cultural dimension, an environmental dimension, and an economic dimension also known as SPICEE. One must be able to examine a question keeping in mind all these dimensions. This is going to help broaden your horizon. So next time you read a question, your mind will instantly start to create multiple threads around it.
  2. UPSC is looking for aspirants with a well-rounded personality. Apart from having a good intelligence quotient, the applicant should also have a desirable emotional quotient, team spirit, management skills, good communication skills, integrity,  etc. To instill all these qualities, one must participate actively in extracurricular activities such as sporting events, discussions, cultural activities, etc.


Whatever the past and current trends recommend, when it comes to cracking the IAS exam, it all comes down to the candidate’s passion and desire. Even if you choose the most opted ideal steam or the subject, it doesn’t matter until and unless you’re really genuinely enthusiastic about it. Along with passion, the stream you choose should also encourage you to prepare well and study hard, as there is no substitute for hard work when it comes to the civil service exam.

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