Best IPS Officers In India: India’s Best IPS Officers to Serve the Country after Cracking UPSC

Best IPS Officers In India

The all India service, Indian Police Service (IPS) has been the backbone of law and order and justice delivery system in India. Indian Police Services, the words that instil pride, a sense of security and the power that comes with khakis. Imagining a fearless, crime-free society is impossible without having a fearless yet responsible and duty-bound policing system. IPS, an all India Service was envisaged with a similar idea back in 1948, a year after India became independent from the British empire. Here is the list of top best IPS officers in India.

10 Best IPS Officer In India in the Last 50 Years

The news of corrupt practices of Indian police can be found every day in TV channels and in newspapers, but there are a lot of police officers in the country whose dedication and the way of eradicating corrupt practices of mafias, politicians, civil servants, Government officials etc compelled us to believe on the police system of the country.

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Vinod Kumar Chaubey

While serving in Chhattisgarh, Vinod Kumar Chaubey led his team to attack the Naxals. His team was being ferociously ambushed with bullets and grenades; he moved towards the Naxalites in the trenches hardly 10 meters away and fired, finally succeeded to push them back. He ultimately succumbed to death but in this encounter with Naxalites, he not only saved the lives of his fellow policemen but also a bus full of civilians who were stranded in the middle of the bloodshed.

Mohan Chandh Sharma

M. C. Sharma who led his team to the Batla House encounter at Jamia Nagar, New Delhi where terrorists linked with the 2008 Delhi blasts were suspected of hiding. During the encounter, Sharma received bullets to his abdomen, thighs and right arm and died due to excessive bleeding but the encounter was successful and set an example of police bravery. His bravery was honoured with the Ashok Chakra in 2009.

Hemant Karkare

Hemant Karkare was the chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) who rushed to the Shivaji Terminus on the dreaded night of 26th November 2008 to counter Ajmal Kasab and his fellow terrorists. The terrorists armed with AK-47 and grenades were firing recklessly, but Karkare jumped into action wearing just a helmet and a bulletproof vest to take on Kasab and company. He died after being shot three bullets on his chest but his bravery was honoured with the Ashoka Chakra on 26 January 2009.

Ashok Kamte

At the time of 26/11 Mumbai attack; Ashok Kamte was the of the Mumbai Police supervising the Eastern region. On that terrifying night of 26/11, Kamte was the only officer who successfully injured Ajmal Kasab on his hands and took bullets on his chest. Kamte along with other brave officers like Vijay Salaskar and Hemant Karkare was killed on the very same night of 26/11. Kamte’s bravery was honoured with the Ashoka Chakra on 26 January 2009.

Vijay Salaskar

Vijay Salaskar was considered as one of the most dreaded encounter specialists of the Mumbai police. On the night of 26/11 Mumbai attack, Salaskar was with Kamte and Karkare when they launched the counter action on the terrorists on 26/11 but Salaskar was too fell victim to the attack.  He was also honoured with the Ashoka Chakra on 26 January 2009.

Ajit Kumar Doval

Ajit Kumar Doval is a retired IPS officer and currently National Security Adviser to Prime Minister of India. During his services, he served as an undercover agent in Pakistan for 7 years and even disguised as an ISI agent during 1980s Golden Temple siege and helped the Indian army strategically.

Shivdeep Waman Lanbe

Shivdeep Waman Lande popularly known as ‘Dabangg’ police officer, is IPS officer who is currently transferred to Maharashtra on Central deputation.  He came to limelight when he was dealing with crooks, criminals, ranging from fake cosmetic sellers to medicine mafia. Lande became a hero among young girls of the cities, as he took strict action against eve-teasers.

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Best Female IPS Officer of India

Kiran Bedi is a retired IPS officer and social activist. She was the first woman to join IPS in 1972 and also considered one of the best IPS officers of India. She served for 35 years before taking voluntary retirement in 2007 as the Director-General, Bureau of Police Research and Development.


Growth, whether of an individual, a society or a nation is only possible in a just and peaceful environment. There are examples of the states in India which lack in development because of law & order situation. However, as long as new young brave citizens continue to join the Service, the country will see bravery.

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Best IPS Officers In India: India’s Best IPS Officers to Serve the Country after Cracking UPSC
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