You are probably wondering why a topic regarding the best monthly magazines for current affairs for UPSC is being given so much importance. Well, preparing for the UPSC’s Civil Service Exam is clearly no joke. The syllabus released every year is expansive and is capable of giving any potential aspirant constant night terrors.

While many masters up the courage to actually sit down, plan out and study the given syllabus, memory retention still remains a major concern even with the most studious and disciplined of aspirants. And this is exactly where certain magazines for UPSC prove to be crucial.

Magazines are unlike newspapers, although they serve the same purpose. In fact, magazines are a step-up for any student who reads their newspapers daily.

Why are Current Affair Monthly Magazines Important for UPSC?

Magazines are a great way to summarize the week’s or the month’s important events of both national and international importance. Especially from the point of view of CSE preparation, magazines offer an A to Z analysis of whatever has made it to the newspapers, including criticism and discussions.

A good magazine also comes packed with expert advice on exam preparation, success stories and mock tests for practice.

Of course, you must read the newspapers daily, refer to study books and practise the question papers from previous years. But, skipping out on magazines is never advisable.

Reading a magazine is the equivalent of revising what all you’ve read in the newspapers over a period of time. So, thumbs up for memory retention.

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The Best 5 Monthly Magazines for Current Affairs for UPSC

Since the UPSC does not release an official list of magazines that must be referred to, here you can get a compiled list of 5 exemplary magazines based on popular opinion, expert reviews and topper recommendations –

Economic and Political Weekly

Popularly known as EPW, this magazine for UPSC is a must-read for every IAS aspirant, especially if you want to ace your mains.

Although a magazine in design, EPW is more like a literary forum where you can find the criticism, discussions and comments by important political leaders, businessmen, academicians, researchers and other notable names in India.

It is a great source to gain knowledge in the subjects of sociology, politics, economics, culture and environment.

Down to Earth

Given the pattern of CSE in the past few years, the topic of the environment has gained noticeable weightage. This fortnightly magazine, Down to Earth will not only help you prepare for topics under the environment, but also any other ones of national interest, including economic security, livelihood, and health.

It is of great help in all the three qualifiers.

Yojana Magazine for UPSC

Undoubtedly, you’ve already heard of this one before you even got here.

So, let me tell you why this one is a gem.

This current affair monthly magazine comes packed with genuine facts, as the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting publishes it. This magazine is your one-stop-shop for all events that are of national importance, including various government legislations and initiatives, socio-economic problems, as well as credible criticism of them by the who’s who of the country.


This is another one of the best magazines for UPSC published by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. But unlike the former, this specifically covers news and events pertaining to agriculture and rural India.

Although not as crucial as Yojana, Kurukshetra is still mandatory if you want to brush up on your knowledge and assessment of the government’s standpoint.

Monthly Preview By PRS

This magazine is of great help in consolidating the facts related to all government reforms, policies, and bills passed.

Since current affairs maintain high weightage in your examinations, you cannot afford to miss out on the important official policies and programmes initiated in the economy lately.

Other Best Magazines for UPSC

Besides these 5 magazines, there are many other good reading options available in the market. A few of them include the following:

  • Science Reporter
  • Frontline
  • World Focus
  • Competition Success Review
  • Civil Services Times
  • Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Geography and You

To crack your prelims, mains, and even the personality test, you must have an all-round knowledge regarding any topic presented to you.


UPSC is not your average entrance examination where you simply put your knowledge to test. It demands the application of the knowledge you’ve gained from your study conceptually and diagnostically.

These are the best monthly magazines for current affairs for UPSC, that will help an aspirant like you gain that all-encompassing information and its related perspectives. So, do go through these and let us know your feedback by commenting in the below box.

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