The world has advanced drastically as the 21st era has acquired its potential through digital mediums. Rightly called the age of digitalisation, there have been rapid strides in almost every sector due to progress in terms of greater reach and exposure. The digital means of communication have benefitted small as well as large scale industries. It has also spread these advantages to the field of education and knowledge.

The introduction of several tools such as YouTube and video conferencing platforms have bolstered online learning. Due to the wide knowledge exposure being available on the web, there has also been a significant rise in the candidates for competitive examinations.

Are Civil Services Through UPSC a Good Career Option after Graduation?

While searching for UPSC resources or going through some Youtube channel for the Geography syllabus, you must have wondered at least once if this is a good career option to choose. There are several options available after graduation for an individual. However, UPSC has emerged as the most preferred one. The reasons that make UPSC a dream start to a civil service career are discussed below.

Job Satisfaction

The foremost dream of every UPSC Aspirant is to help build a nation with more and better virtues and fewer vices. A career option through UPSC offers individuals an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives through their dedicated service. In fact, compared to many other job types, a job in Civil services offers immense job satisfaction. This is a crucial attraction factor for UPSC Aspirants.

Diversity of Work

The job of a Civil Service aspirant always has diversity. A usual job profile of any civil servant usually comprises meeting and working with people of distinct cultures. It also includes maintaining law and order, administration of operations and projects, and active involvement in developmental operations.

Perks and Incentives

The civil servants are provided with an excellent portion of subsidies and perks due to their work type. Further, since the amendments in the pay commission laws, the pay scales of these individuals have also increased to level up with the corporate sector. Therefore, it adds on another significant factor that attracts the UPSC Aspirants.

Job Security

Civil servants enjoy the privilege of job security till the age of retirement. Further, they may also get an extension if they are capable and willing to serve further.

Youtube Channels for UPSC Exam Preparation

Every year, the number of candidates attempting the civil service competitive examinations such as UPSC increases. The main reason for the same is the ease of knowledge resource availability. An important subject to study during UPSC exam preparation is World Geography.

If you are looking for a YouTube channel complete geography syllabus for UPSC, discussed below are some Youtube channels that could aid in that purpose.

Channel 1: Unacademy

Unacademy is known for its active teaching through live online classes by top educators every day. Emerged in 2016, this initiative by Roman Saini gained immense recognition due to its creative techniques. The channel boasts over 900K subscribers for the UPSC segment alone.

Unacademy is a one-stop for UPSC preparation. It provides a complete syllabus study for UPSC with subjects ranging from Polity, Geography, Current affairs, and History. The educators also explain the exam patterns through test analysis, mock exams, and prelims.

Unacademy is known for its quality education and detailed course analysis to crack competitive civil service examinations. Roman Saini, a co-founder of Unacademy, took this initiative to higher levels after he left his IAS preparation to strengthen this initiative. Further, this platform also provides paid courses for personal tutoring to crack competitive exams such as JEE, UPSC, NEET, CAT, and many more.

Channel 2: UPSC Pathshala

Any Civil Services exam such as UPSC requires an in-depth understanding of the subject. What could be better than a channel wholly dedicated to UPSC? The UPSC Pathshala channel on Youtube for UPSC exam preparation is the one-stop for getting your preparation methods right. The channel guides students on the correct methodology for effective preparation. The UPSC Pathshala prepares the candidates for a variety of subjects by clearing the concepts. For focused tutoring, the enrollees are taught under experts through personal mentoring. It has led to the platform being a preferred medium for several candidates. The channel has crossed over 16K subscribers.

This channel comprises a current affairs section with over 25+ videos. The key features of UPSC Pathshala involve Live Classes, which incorporate sessions on past year question analysis, doubt solving, group discussions and a lot more. It also guides students on various decisions discussing the pros and cons of the same, interview answering rounds, and much more.

Channel 3: SleepyClasses

With the Tagline Unleashing the Officer in you, the Sleepyclasses provides a detailed stepwise understanding of every concept. Here you will find videos on technical subjects such as Economics, Ethics, and World Geography. The channel provides a full syllabus study of the major subjects to crack UPSC. They also teach the optional subject Sociology given the higher rate of efforts-to-marks conversion capacity.

At SleepyClasses, the candidate gets complete tutoring about current affairs and test paper patterns through exam analysis. It also helps the students understand their strong and weak points to aid in UPSC exam preparation.

The channel has successfully acquired over 500K subscribers. Further, the channel also occasionally rolls out motivational videos and tricks to crack UPSC. It gives the candidates a sense to put conscious efforts towards the direction of their goals.

Channel 4: Desire IAS

An initiative by Nishtha Bajpai, this channel aims to reach the underprivileged aspirants to acquire expensive coaching. This initiative is entirely committed to the candidates aspiring for UPSC or IAS services. Desire IAS focuses on providing time-based, exam-specific education. The candidates are guided through several MCQ exams, patterns, and their analysis, tips, and suggestions.

Since UPSC comprises loads of subjects, the team of this platform helps the candidates strategize their study techniques by providing the useful and most vital content only.

The channel delivers lectures on subjects such as Polity, Economy, and Geography Mapping in English as well as Hindi Languages. The channel also actively provides the current affairs and daily news, useful in UPSC preparation, in a concise manner to prepare before attempting prelims and main exams.

Channel 5: Mrunal Patel

A proper UPSC exam preparation usually focuses on quality over quantity. To achieve this, the channel and person by the same name, Mrunal Patel, has expertise in the same. A master of economics for civil services, the youtube channel of Mrunal Patel has study materials, concept analysis and briefings, exam analysis with tips for all kinds of Civil exams.

Currently, the Board Director of Unacademy Plus, his channel comprises some must-watch videos for Economics and Geography for UPSC Aspirants. It also comprises modern history topics put forward in 2017, which are quite relevant even at present. The educator, Pratik Nayak, uses maps to explain modern history’s events, making the subject more reasoning-based.


The increase in awareness of civil service examinations has resulted in a drastic rise in the number of aspirants. The wide range of options available for UPSC pass-outs attracts many aspirants every year. To prepare for individual subjects properly, questions such as, what is the Best YouTube channel for World geography? are bound to arise.

To crack the UPSC exams, UPSC Pathshala provides personal mentoring to students under faculties with years of experience. With over 15,000 satisfied students, we focus on improvising the weak areas through various pattern analyses. Our mentors are involved in one-to-one sessions to keep track of the progress record of the students. The doubts on various subjects are solved during these sessions. Further, special focus is provided to recognize and strengthen the weak areas of the candidates. Keep reading our blogs for more UPSC-related content.

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Best YouTube Channels for UPSC World Geography Preparation: Complete Syllabus Coverage
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There are many channels available on Youtube that help in UPSC preparation. Some Youtube channels that will aid you to acquire an understanding of World Geography are listed here.
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