The UPSC exam is based on current affairs and information from recent happenings. All the policies, implementations, happenings, and events must be acknowledged by the UPSC candidates. If you are aspiring to crack this exam, you should have the best hold on current affairs.

Here is one most important recent topic that could be asked in your UPSC exam. The Borneo Island UPSC is given in this article. Let’s check out the complete information for UPSC exam preparation.

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Borneo Island – UPSC Topic

Well, this is an important topic for the UPSC exam. Grab complete potential information about the topic for your paper. The parliament and the government of Indonesia have passed a law. This law is majorly concerned with approving the relocation of its capital due to its gradual sinking to Jakarta.

This is happening to a website two thousand kilometers away on jungle-clad Borneo island. This may be named “Nusantara”. The move was initially tipped by President Joko Widodo in Apr 2019, citing rising ocean levels and severe congestion on densely inhabited Java island. Now, the question arises about the location of Jakarta.

The biggest islands in the country are Sumatra, Java, Borneo (Indonesian Borneo), Sulawesi, and therefore the Indonesian part of New Guinea (known as the island of Irian Jaya). Go ahead to acknowledge the complete details about the significant topic. You must jot it down to revise it later before the examination.

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UPSC Daily Current Affairs

Now, let’s have a deep look at the reasons for relocation. Jakarta has long been full of serious infrastructure issues and flooding exacerbated by global climate change, with consultants predicting up to a 3rd of the town might be underwater by 2050.

Jakarta is home to over thirty million individuals in its larger underground space.

Moreover, Jakarta is the center for administration, governance, finance, and trade. It inevitably led to relentless construction within the town, due to the water not being ready to flow into the bottom in several areas, resulting in increased run-off. Jakarta has been Indonesia’s capital since the country became independent in 1949.

The town has become overcrowded and intensely impure over the previous few decades. Another necessary reason to shift the capital from Java island to Borneo island has been a growing difference – money and otherwise.

Java Island, particularly the capital of Indonesia that is unfolded across over 661.5 sq. kilometers, is vastly inhabited whereas East Borneo, unfold across 127,346.92 sq. kilometers, is larger than the capital of Indonesia, it’s loads less inhabited than the present capital.

The site for relocation is the new capital (Nusantara) covering fifty-six,180 hectares in East Borneo province on the Indonesian part of Borneo, which the country shares with Malaysia and Brunei.

However, reformer critics of the capital’s move have warned it may harm ecosystems within the region, where mining and palm oil plantations already threaten rainforests that are home to Borneo’s species. This is the complete summary of this topic for the UPSC candidates.

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