As soon as students complete their graduation or enter the final year, they start thinking of pursuing their dream jobs. Many students get confused as to whether to look for private jobs or start preparing for government jobs. The corporate lifestyle has its own benefits and constraints. When it comes to thinking of government exams, what comes to mind first is about preparing for the civil services. Both career paths are very different. From the perspective of the job package to perks, benefits, security, and preparation styles, many things vary.

This article will take you on the journey of Civil Service vs the Private Sector. Read the complete blog to know about the job package of civil servants, preparation strategies, and its comparison with private jobs.

Job Security

Civil services jobs provide the job security that enables a person to work without the fear of being fired. It secures the life of the family members too. At many government jobs, there are policies where the job position offers job security and entitlements to the family members of the civil servant. Civil servants enjoy greater job security regarding safety, compensations, medical facility, leaves, and other perks. Civil servants can’t be dismissed from their job without prior notice or an act of guilt. They get a proper chance to defend themselves. The topmost civil servants at higher positions are offered full-fledged security at their house, office chamber, etc. Thus, it can be said that the job package of civil services includes job security benefits for the aspirants. Whereas, in the private sector, the job package in terms of cash in hand is more, but uncertainty to job security is high. Private sector employees are offered handsome salaries as compared to government sector jobs.


Civil services offer respect and dignity in society. After accomplishing the security needs of a person, the need for recognition and social status is a big motivating factor. Civil services offer huge respect, name, and fame in society. It fulfils the psychological needs of a person. Even a small government job requires clearance of written paper. The civil service exam has a multiple-step process adopted where written tests, preliminary exam, mains exams, physical tests, medical tests, and many other assessment tests must be cleared. This rigorous selection process requires sincere and dedicated learning and practice. The private job process is generally a 3 to 4 step examination process involving written tests, group discussions, and interviews. So, when looking for job opportunities, it is quite convenient and easier to get a private job. Social status and recognition in a private job can be achieved only after achieving a top position in the job profile. It is challenging to get a government job, but all job profiles in the government sector earn huge respect and fame in society. Proper study and coaching are required to clear the government exams.

Pension Benefits

The package is not limited to the on-job cash in hand offered to a person. It is more about leading a good life. Civil services make the life of a person full of amenities. They provide life security to an individual as well as to their family. The civil service exams help in getting jobs at various levels of the government. The serving time of government jobs is less than the private sector. Also, after the completion of the tenure, the civil officers are served with a lifetime pension.

The pension scheme is designed for almost all the levels in the government sector. The pension scheme and insurance also cover the family members of the civil servant. In case of loss of life or accident, the government organizations ensure the safety and living expenses of the family members. There are very few job positions in the private sector that ensure a lifetime pension scheme for its employees. Pension benefits are being limited in the government sector too. It is important to look at the job profile to know about the pension schemes.

Huge Perks

The job package of civil servants includes many perks. They not only secure a person with a financial point of view but also provide medical, accommodation, education, and learning growth. A civil service job’s perks are not limited up to an individual. It secures and offers benefits to the complete family. The job package of the public sector offers a decent salary. At initial levels, it may sound lesser than the private sector. But, the perks offered by the public sector make the complete package a handsome amount.

Government positions provide housing facilities, education to children, cars, further learning opportunities, allowances, medical facilities, reimbursements, and much more. With the pace of time, after serving for 5 years in the civil services, the job package offered by a government job is unmatchable than any other sector. The private sector largely focuses on cash benefits. An individual who is more interested in cash benefits should choose the private sector over any other job.

Right Connections

Apart from the job package, the civil service job provides huge opportunities by offering connections to the top-notch people of society. It gives a chance to interact and make relations with the cream layered people who are well educated and experienced. To get a government job, one has to study and work hard. It requires a lot of effort to clear and get a government job. Meeting privileged people, visiting societies, handling national-level projects, etc., is in itself a great exposure. The connections and relations made during the civil services are the connections for life. A person’s wants from a job package decide the kinds of amenities and perks they are looking for. For many people, having the right connections and recognition in society is what matters to them the most. For such people, civil services jobs have huge potential.

UPSC Exam Preparation

Before starting preparing for the civil services exams, students must first understand why they are preparing for it. When the goal is cleared, other things automatically fall in place. What we advise students is to focus on the UPSC exam preparation. It will automatically make you confident enough to fight for any other government exam. Once a candidate cleared the UPSC exam, he automatically becomes eligible for government job positions. Many other exams can easily be cleared with the right preparation for UPSC exams.

The most important thing to remember while prepping for the UPSC exam is not to forget to keep the syllabus in your front. Keep an open eye for the syllabus while preparing for the exams. It will help you clear the written test and support you at the time of group interviews and discussions. Integrate different study materials in the right way for preparing for the exams.


A candidate must be well versed with the syllabus. A syllabus will help you in filtering the topics relevant for you from the vast study material. While reading the newspaper, the syllabus will help you in crisping the relevant points out of it. Many questions in the examination come directly out of the syllabus. Therefore, a thorough study of the syllabus is a must for the candidates preparing for civil service exams.

Previous Year Pattern

Looking at the previous year’s pattern and questions will help you in an outcome-based study. It will support you in filtering the relevant topics and sub-topics. It will give you a clear idea about the examiner’s mindset and help you design and understand the paper blueprint.

Test Sessions

The preparation for the examination does not end just at studying. A candidate must register them for test sessions that will help them in understanding the exam pattern and learn from their mistakes. It also helps in having a clear idea of the ranking and whereas a candidate you stand.


In the preparation of exams like UPSC, a coaching institute helps in a better way. Apart from studying, many other perspectives need to be looked at and understood. Support of a coaching institute makes a student capable enough to understand what mistakes are not to be done. For clearing exams, what not to do is as important as what to do. UPSC Pathshala works to build strong pillars of preparation for the student. It works to make a student proactive, balanced, consistent, practical, and analytical.

With UPSC Pathshala, get your own personal coach for preparation. You can try out free demo sessions with mentors to understand how UPSC Pathshala teaches you to be your best companion during preparation. Stay tuned with us and know more about civil service examinations and clear all your doubts.

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Civil Services vs Private Job: Job Package, Perks, and Other Comparisons
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Civil Services vs Private Job: Job Package, Perks, and Other Comparisons
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