The CAPF AC test is held every year by the UPSC to select young people for the rank of Assistant Commandant in the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF). CAPF is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious tests in the country.

As a result, students planning to take the CAPF AC 2022 test should read this article for crucial tactics and tips on how to pass the exam. Exam preparations begin with a grasp of test trends and a thorough comprehension of the curriculum, as well as an analysis of the previous year’s question papers.

Knowing the CAPF AC curriculum will assist you in covering all subjects and properly preparing for the test. Analyzing past year’s question papers can help you understand the patterns in the CAPF AC test and prepare for it at the same time. Is the CAPF exam tough? How to crack the CAPF exam? Read on to learn about the CAPF exam.

CAPF AC Exam Pattern

Exam pattern for CAPF AC Paper I is as follows:

Total Number of Questions (MCQ) 200
Duration 2 hours
Total Marks Allotted 250

Exam pattern for CAPF AC Paper II is as follows:

Total Number of Questions (Descriptive) 6
Duration 3 hours
Total Marks Allotted 200

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How to Crack the CAPF Exam?

An essay topic can be anything, such as politics or general knowledge.

Keep up with the latest happenings in India.

Concentrate on the activities that occurred in the past.

Memorize dates, patterns, and statistical data from diverse occurrences. It will assist you in writing a factually accurate, thorough, and informative essay.

Regularly practice precis writing and understanding.

Finally, practicing question papers is the most effective strategy to improve your speed when answering questions.

Additionally, answering CAPF AC’s previous year papers will familiarize you with the paper’s format and the sorts of questions offered in the test.

CAPF Preparation Tips for Interviews

Candidates must have a respectful and calm demeanour. Because the role is that of the commanding officer, the board members strive to provoke the candidates to put their patience to the exam. Remember, patience is a critical trait to examine in the interview.

Because the Detailed Application Form (DAF) contains all of the information on the aspirants’ academic and professional qualifications, the majority of the questions will be based solely on the DAF.

Candidates prefer to mark solutions without reading the questions entirely when rushing to finish the paper within the time limit. As a result, the wrong selection may be marked. Avoid making such errors by thoroughly understanding the questions.

How Can UPSC Pathshala Help? CAPF Inception Program

The UPSC Pathshala’s CAPF Inception program course covers the whole subject of the UPSC-conducted CAPF entrance test and offers you enough practice to pass the exam with ease. All of the subjects from Papers I and II are covered in this course.

There will be chapter-by-chapter assessments with evaluation and feedback to assess your comprehension of the material. Regular tests might also be used to assess your development.


Candidates must keep up with current happenings in India and around the world at all times. Read newspapers, and journals, and watch television for daily news updates to help this section expand on a regular basis.

Applicants should consider international peace initiatives, treaties signed between states, accolades received in a variety of fields such as sports, science, music, and the arts, as well as global economic conditions.

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