CUET is the most sought after exam in 2022. Around 80 lakh students will be appearing for this exam. CUET is going to start in the month of July.  Students who want to seek admission in one of the central universities for their bachelor’s will have to apply for this exam. This exam was conducted before in the name of CUCET, but now as it is mandatory for everyone, it is called the Common University entrance test.

What is CUET 2022?

CUET has emerged as the most visible and essential test. The exam syllabus is the same as what you studied for your board examinations. When selecting a course from a specific university, you must conduct thorough study. Every institution has distinct admissions standards for their courses. Admission to the course may need a certain subject and language. Make a list of everything. As a result, you will be able to take that particular test. Also, make sure that you select English or Hindi as one of your languages in section one, as most central institutions’ medium of instruction is English or Hindi, and therefore admission to that university will be easier.

CUET 2022 Study Plan

How do you plan on preparing for this exam? I’m sure everyone is concerned and frightened about it.

Don’t worry, we at UPSC Pathshala have some pointers and strategies to assist you prepare for this test. CUET will not be challenging.

The test syllabus, according to the CUET announcement, will be quite comparable to what you learned up to 12th grade. So, if you’ve been paying attention and haven’t let the online class make you sluggish in your study, you should easily pass the CUET exam.

It wouldn’t be all that tough. But if you haven’t already started, please do so right away; it will be really beneficial.

Read the Newspaper everyday to improve your GK and Language skills. It will help you enhance your language abilities as well as your general knowledge.

That is really significant for the exam. Because one of your papers is the General Test, which will assess your general knowledge and current affairs, you should begin reading your newspaper on a daily basis. This will also aid in the improvement of your linguistic abilities.

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Section IA In each language, 40 questions out of 50 must be answered. Each language gets 45 minutes. Reading Comprehension based on three sorts of passages–Factual, Literary, and Narrative–will be used to assess language (Literary Aptitude and Vocabulary)
Section IB
Section II 40 questions out of 50 must be answered. Each Domain-Specific Subject gets 45 minutes. Input text may only be used for MCQ-based questions based on the NCERT Class 12 syllabus.
Section III Can attempt 60 questions out of 70 questions 60 minutes MCQ Based Questions

General Knowledge, Current Events, and General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning (simple application of fundamental mathematical concepts such as arithmetic/algebra geometry/mensuration/s tat taught until Grade 8), Analytical and Logical Reasoning

CUET Marking Scheme

There will be negative marking. And for each correct answer students will 1 mark each.

With section 1 A and section 1 B you can choose upto 3 languages or 3 tests. For your domain subjects, as mentioned above you need to choose your subjects according to what your course or university asks for. And general tests are important for all universities.

As educational officers know that students from various different boards will be appearing for the exam, there are options for various subjects. You can choose 40 questions out of 50 questions in section one and the same goes for other tests as well.

Preparing for the exam is easy.

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CUET Exam preparation

“What shall I do to prepare for the exam?” This issue must be perplexing to the vast majority of hopefuls. To be successful on the CUET Exam, candidates must understand the proper CUET Exam strategy. At each level of exam preparation, candidates must work hard and provide their best effort. The preparation method and advice given in this post will assist applicants in making appropriate preparation decisions.

  • CUET Exam Preparation must be done with sincerity and effort if you want to pass on the first try.
  • Candidates must follow a practical CUET Exam Strategy in order to properly prepare for the CUET Exam.
  • Candidates who are prepared for the test should study the CUET Books
  • Candidates should use NCERT Textbooks for their domain language. .


Determination is vital for tackling any challenge, even an admissions exam. Contemplate yourself optimistically, and consider how your admissions exam performance may help determine your objectives and destiny.

You don’t need to worry about the exam.

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