The external commercial borrowing UPSC is covered precisely in this article for your UPSC exam preparation. Let’s check out the details.

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External Commercial Borrowing UPSC

Let’s understand this concept deeply because it is a significant sphere for UPSC candidates. External commercial borrowing (ECB) are loans created in foreign currency by non-resident lenders to Indian borrowers.

ECB is established and developed to be a valuable tool in aiding Indian companies and organizations in raising funds from outside of India’s borders. It is significant to attract new investments. Debtors might embody the government, companies, or voters of that country.

Moreover, the money owed to personal business banks, foreign governments, or international monetary establishments like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank is enclosed within the debt under the ECB. Also, according to this scheme, external business borrowings generally have a three-year minimum maturity length. The Department of Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Finance, together with the bank of India, supervises and regulates ECB tips and laws.

Commercial borrowings account for the biggest majority of India’s external debt is made and worked on. The majority of the external debt continues to be denominated in U.S. bucks. You must be aware that the net External commercial borrowings to India are significant for the nation.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of ECB


Let’s have a look at the benefits of the ECB. The major one is that the value of funds is mostly lower once borrowed from external sources. Let’s understand it with an example: some economies have a lower rate of interest, and Indian corporations and organizations will borrow cash at lower interest rates from countries like Europe and also the U.S. because the rates are relatively low.

This makes it advantageous to use. Because of the fact that the markets are larger once raising funds through ECB, firms will meet larger necessities from international players as compared with what will be achieved through domestic players. Furthermore, the capitalist base will be varied by the receiver.

ECB fundamentals offer access to world markets, so borrowers have larger exposure to worldwide opportunities which is helpful for the borrowers. The ECB offers advantages to the economy. Inflows will be directed into the world by the government of Bharat, thereby increasing its growth potential.

For example, a larger proportion of funding through the ECB will be allowed by the government for the SME and infrastructure business. This aids considerably in the overall growth of the country. By acknowledging all the positive factors, it can be said that the companies will be largely benefitted from the ECB.


The disadvantages of this borrowing scheme include that the funds raised through ECB are subject to risks related to interchange rates. This is because the borrowing and getting even should be tied to foreign currencies. Moving ahead, though ECB will be available at lower rates, there are a group of regulations and restrictions that must be followed by each lender and borrower.

This will increase documentation and compliance will be a burden for a business. Even if a receiver has surplus liquidity, ECB can not be postpaid before completion of the minimum average amount. A receiver cannot finance its entire existing rupee loan through ECB. These disadvantages are a must for to note because it can be asked in any section of the paper.

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