Many aspiring students think that clearing the IAS exam on the first attempt is a myth. With ongoing COVID 19, students are confused about how to crack the civil service exam in the first attempt through online coaching or self-study.

Tips to Crack IAS Exam in First Attempt

Thousands of aspiring candidates appear for IAS every year, but not all make it to the final list of successful candidates. IAS is the most prestigious and demanding national level exam that requires proper planning and strategy to ace the final test. Many students are often clueless and confused about how to crack the civil service exam with coaching. Some students also opt for self-study but are confused about how to plan their study. Listed below are some tips to help you crack the IAS exam on your first attempt.

Develop a Study Plan

The best strategy to crack the IAS exam is to develop a study plan. The study plan will allow you to divide and conquer the IAS syllabus in a time-bound manner. It will help you allocate proper time to study, revise and practise different subjects and relevant topics of the IAS exam syllabus. You can also take help from mentors to design and develop a customised study plan that aligns with your ability and capacity of learning to guarantee success in the IAS exam.

Coaching from a Learned Mentor

Since the pressure and competition in the IAS exam is immense, it is better to have guidance from a mentor. Although taking coaching classes is not compulsory, having a mentor who has years of experience and knowledge can help you achieve your desired success in the IAS exam. Learned mentors from established coaching centres can provide you with tips, tricks and strategic learning tools to ensure that you are not overwhelmed with IAS’s lengthy syllabus. Some leading coaching classes also offer interactive classes for their student to help resolve doubts and queries related to the IAS syllabus and different subjects.

 the Newspaper

Current affairs a key to cracking the Civil Services Examination. The IAS Mains examination is current-affairs-based, so aspiring students should be able to link the theory part of the different subjects with current affairs in their IAS exam paper. Aspiring students should also try to connect various articles and themes that they come across in newspapers in their answers. Make a habit of reading newspaper in different languages to gain a broader perspective of ongoing National and International events.

Appear for Regular Mock Tests

If you are planning self-study and sweating on how to crack the civil service exam without coaching, then a mock test paper can help you. The mock test is an ideal way to prepare for the IAS exam syllabus. You must start attempting the mock test when you have covered the major part of the IAS syllabus. Make sure that you appear for mock test regularly to improve your performance.

Learn from Past Candidates

Another great way to prepare for the IAS exam is to gather information and strategies from past successful students. These students have successfully cleared the IAS exam and can give you valuable insights into how to crack the IAS exam in the first attempt. You can learn from their mistakes and experience to ensure that you are ahead in the competition.

Put Emphasis on Revision

Revision is a must when it comes to cracking the IAS exam. However, for proper revision, make sure that you do not attempt any new topic a month before the IAS exam. Since the IAS syllabus is vast and massive, it is wise to consolidate your study material to complete it on time. Put more emphasis on revision that involves facts and important data so that these stay fresh on your memory when appearing for the IAS exam.

Learn Time Management

Writing practice can help you develop time management skill. Practise previous year question papers to ensure that you can attempt all questions in the IAS exam paper. Do not get disheartened if you are unable to answer all the questions. Instead, try to attempt as many as you can. Over time, you will be able to attempt the entire question paper in a time-bound manner and will be able to give the precise answer that will guarantee your success in the IAS exam.

Carefully Choose Your Optional Subjects

Many aspiring students make mistakes when it comes to choosing an optional subject for the IAS exam. Students tend to choose an optional subject that they think are fun to study or easy to attempt or complete in time. However, the vital thing to remember is that optional subjects should be opted based on past knowledge and aptitude for learning the subject matter. By choosing the right optional subject, the chances of success in the IAS exam automatically increase.

Make Study Notes

The study material and quality notes are an integral part of preparing for the IAS exam. However, students should ensure that the notes and study material are from a credible source to guarantee that they are not losing valuable time and energy on learning the irrelevant subject matter. The study notes should cover the entire IAS syllabus and touch as many relevant and essential topics of the IAS exam as possible. A proper format in your study note will make it easy to revise and reproduce the answer in the IAS exam paper.

Develop Writing Skill

Practising writing skill will help you structure your answers. A proper introduction, body, as well as conclusion in your answers will help you score better. Make sure that your answers have a brief background of the enquired topic along with context. You can also add multiple dimensions to your answers by adding diagrams, tables and flowcharts in your answers by regularly practising writing skills. This skill can help you stay in the race of successful IAS candidates.

Maintain Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

The student should maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly while preparing for the IAS exam. Many students are so engrossed in completing the syllabus that they neglect their health. However, if you are not feeling well in your exam, you might be unable to fully attempt the question paper due to fatigue and tiredness caused by a lack of a healthy diet and sleep. Regular exercise will help you focus and concentrate better when preparing for the IAS exam.


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How to Crack Civil Service Exam? Strategy to Crack IAS in First Attempt for Aspirants
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