How Many Questions Asked in an IAS Interview? Break Down of UPSC Interview Round

How many Questions Asked in an IAS interview

Do you ever wonder how many questions are asked in an IAS interview? Or do you want to know what are the questions asked in an IAS interview? Then this article is best suited for you!

Questions Asked in IAS Interview

The number of questions asked in an IAS interview is not fixed. There is no format or pattern for questions or the interview, unlike the two previous parts of the exams.

The questions and the number of questions can be decided by the panel itself during the interview. The point of the interview is to ascertain your ability as an IAS officer.

The questions asked in an IAS interview need not be only from a single field. They can come from anywhere.

IAS Interview

The interview is the final round and carries a weightage of 275 marks as of now. Many times it is seen that the person with higher interview round marks gets a higher ranking.

Remember that studying a lot can be done by many but scoring high in the interview round is very tough. Students should pay a lot of attention to this round if they wish to get higher ranks for the exam.

The interview is not just based on your knowledge about topics but how you put that knowledge out. You need to learn important skills like expressing yourself so that you can impress the panel.

IAS Interview Questions and Answers

Now let’s look at a sample of a few questions that are generally asked in the interview round. Remember that these questions are just examples which are based on previous interview rounds.

Question 1

Why would you want to become an IAS officer?

The answer to this question is not something that you can copy from someone else. You need to talk about the reasons you wish to become an IAS officer. Talk about what inspired you to get into this line and talk from your emotions.

Question 2

Tell me a little about your strengths and weaknesses.

Now again this question too will require you to make an answer for yourself. There is no fixed answer and remember that there is no right or wrong answer. Be honest and give answers in such a way that it truly reflects the kind of person you are. This will definitely make the interview round easier.

Sometimes the panel may ask you some funny IAS interview questions. These are generally funny because you won’t even expect any question like this.

Question 3

How to drop an egg on a concrete floor without cracking it?

The answer to this question is, it is very hard to crack a concrete floor. These kinds of questions are asked to see the ability of your mind and how fast you can think of a creative solution for a problem that looks very simple but is not.

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Tips for Interview

Being yourself in this round is more of the basic requirements that will change the pattern of your examination. If you try to copy a topper then you will not be able to do well in the exam.

It is very important to know about yourself. Understand yourself in through bits and pieces so that you can answer questions that pertain to you.

Never lie to the board. The board members are very intelligent and experienced, they can catch a lie from miles away. Do not try to impress them under false pretences. This will not help you at all.

Make sure you read your DAF well. A lot of questions can come from this form. Also,. do not be afraid of not knowing answers. There is a high chance of that happening and it will be best for you to accept that you do not know the answer and tell the board the same.

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The interview round of the IAS exam is the final round, which decides if you become an IAS officer or no. This round is of 275 marks under the current pattern of examination, followed by the Union Public Service Commission.

This round requires a lot of practice and has a lot of importance, but it is generally neglected by many students. This should not be the case among candidates. Look to practice well as it will definitely help you to get a higher rank in the list! Make sure you go through the tips so that you can do better in the interview round. All the best!

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