UPSC exam demands strenuous preparation and persistence. The civil services exam is one of the most challenging exams in the country. However, there are numerous coaching centres available that guide the candidates, prepare them, and make them exam ready. Striking the right balance between guidance and self-study is very crucial to succeed.

Types of Coachings

How to choose perfect coaching? This question nags every UPSC aspirant and their parents. Choosing ideal coaching is a gamble. Nowadays, there are various types of coachings centres that are claiming to be the best, although only some of them are reliable.

Online Coaching

Online classes and coaching have mushroomed all over the world, especially after the pandemic. It overcomes the location barrier among the candidates. There are several online coaching institutes some of them are UPSC Pathshala, Byju’s IAS coaching, Chahal academy, and many more.

Free Coaching provided by the Government of India

Many deserving candidates who are willing to join UPSC coaching, halt their preparation due to financial reasons. To help them out, the Government of India has launched several coaching programs which are either free or charge a very less amount of fees.

Private Coaching

Delhi is a hub for all IAS aspirants; it is a renowned place where students from all over the country migrate to prepare for IAS. Delhi has institutes that provide well-laid out plans and effective guidance to the aspirants.

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What should the Coaching Institute provide?

While searching for the options for a coaching institute, some factors need to be reviewed. It can directly affect your preparation. There is a proliferation of coaching centres that are emerging; choosing the right one is essential.

Factors to Consider while Deciding on a Coaching Centre for UPSC:

  1. Preceding Results of the Students: Examine the previous year’s results of the candidates of the institute, many coaching centres falsely market their centres but don’t have a successful history. Make sure that the coaching centre has some evident successful stories of candidates.
  2. Reviews: Many coaching centres falsely display their success stories. They use marketing tactics to please the customer and do not provide what they promised after the admission. To combat these types of frauds, one must do proper research as to which coaching has good reviews and then go for them.
  3. Teaching Staff: The faculty of the institute also has a premier role in the success of a student. One must go through the educational background of the teachers in the coaching to have a rough idea.

What does it Take to Clear UPSC?

Many candidates have a thought nagging them that what UPSC expects from an aspirant? The answer to this baffling question is quite simple. A candidate’s burning determination, persistent efforts, and resilience are what is required to clear UPSC.

What are the Stages of UPSC?

UPSC exam is divided into three stages, that is, the preliminary examination, the mains examination, and the interview.

Choosing One Coaching for Everything or Different for Prelims, Mains and Interview?

This is a common question rattling many candidates. It depends on the perspective of a candidate. It isn’t stated anywhere that individual coaching for all three stages or one coaching for all guarantees success. Coaching can act as a catalyst. The preparation solely depends on self-study. Focus on comprehensive study material than on coaching.

How to Choose the Best Preparation Method in the Post-Covid World during Corona Times?

The remarkable rise of online coaching in a pandemic is pretty evident. However, many are still not sure whether they want to shift back to offline or continue with online coaching. The best preparation method depends upon the convenience of an individual.

Online coaching is less time-consuming, it saves the time of travelling, clears out location barriers and people are getting comfortable with it; however, there are some loopholes to it. One must do thorough research and choose what’s best as per the convenience.

How do Successful People Prepare?

The mantra for every successful person is determination and sustainable preparation. They also believe that preparing from an early stage, and a habit of reading newspapers ample up the preparation.No matter if one is taking coaching or doing self-study what matters is the strategy of preparation, constant revisions, self-belief, and hard work.


It is noticeable that every year several aspirants dream of clearing the prestigious exam of UPSC. Aspirants and their parents don’t want to leave any stone unturned in the preparation of this exam. For this reason, most of the candidates sign up for coaching. This exam is very demanding and has a steep competition; choosing the right path is very necessary.

So if you are willing to choose coaching for UPSC, remember that it should resonate with you. UPSC pathshala is the right fit for your search; it has personal mentors who are experts of UPSC with years of experience. Don’t miss the free demo class and experience the teaching methodology of UPSC pathshala. We have trained 1500+ satisfied students. UPSC pathshala has numerous blogs & articles that will help you as an aspirant to clear doubts about various subjects. Visit our website to know.

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How to Select UPSC Coaching? What are the Factors You Should Consider?
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