CUET(Common University Entrance Test) is the most significant test for the year 2022-2023. Students from all around the country are trying to understand the examination. We from UPSC pathshala have come up with a summarized version of the exam. Ensure you read this article carefully to know more.

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CUET 2022 – What is Everyone Going on about?

CUET(UG), is a Common university entrance exam that has been made mandatory by the UGC for the year 2022-2023. It will be conducted in July. The exam will be held for 2 weeks. Most of the students who have passed their board exams, and looking to apply for their bachelor’s in one of the central universities in India, will have to appear for the CUET examination.

All the central universities in India will have to take in students based on their CUET marks. But this does not make the board examination redundant. Students will have to work on their school performance just as much as they used to before CUET became compulsory. Universities will consider 30-40% of students’ board examinations as to their eligibility criteria.  Hence, ensure that you perform well in your examinations as well.

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CUET Exam preparation

How will a Student Prepare for this Examination? 

CUET exam is very important if you want to get into any of the central universities. This examination has been made the most prominent examination and it will be very significant all around the country in a few years. According to the Ministry of Education, the Common University Entrance Test (CUET (UG) – 2022) will be developed for admission into all Undergraduate Programmes in all Central Universities beginning with the academic year 2022-23. CUET will provide a shared platform for students from rural areas of India, where access is difficult. This would therefore assist all institutions in developing a unified curriculum, making things better in India’s educational system. By taking one exam students can get admitted to any central university in India.

To prepare for the examination you need to be very focused and determined. We have given you ample preparation tips in our article. Thus, ensure you read those well.

  • Preparing for the examination will not be difficult if you read and can analyse questions diligently.
  • Students must read the newspaper daily to improve their GK as well as language skills.
  • They should study their domain subjects from NCERT textbooks.
  • Students should start reading novels daily, at least 10 pages a day, to improve their reading speed.

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Mistakes to Avoid while Preparing for CUET

There are 4  mistakes students must avoid while preparing for CUET. Those mistakes are given below:

Avoid  Procrastination

Procrastination is the most immense action students must avoid. Students shall start studying for the exam the right way. Along with their board exams. As the general knowledge test is something that is built and can’t be done 10 days before the examination.

Understanding the Exam Pattern

Most of the students do not understand the exam syllabus and end up studying the wrong content for the examination which can cost them dearly in the future. And also CUET exam syllabus is based on 12th-grade NCERT Textbooks. Thus, students shall ensure to study well.

Avoid Memorizing or Rote Learning

Because of the manner, they were graded in board examinations, many students have developed the practice of mugging up knowledge. CUET, on the other hand, is a competitive test with multiple-choice questions. Given the time limits, one must comprehend the emphasis on knowledge application. If one does not make an effort to comprehend the subject, there is a good risk that one will forget about it.

Avoid Getting Distracted

A typical error is to become easily distracted and lose focus. With an 8-hour study regimen, the effective time spent was just approximately 4-5 hours. Binge viewing, beginning with content search, is something that many students engage in and should be avoided at all costs, given the scarcity of time as CUET is just a month after many students’ board examinations.

CUET will relieve a lot of strain, but it also assures that one cannot have too many back-ups, as was previously the case when one could do many entrance exams for different institutions and colleges and might have done better by learning from the prior one. CUET is a one-time opportunity to get admission to the desired institution, and the preparation strategy must leave nothing to chance.


You must have learnt the mistakes you shall avoid while preparing for the examination. To know more about the exam follow our Instagram handle – UPSC Pathshala, to gain insights into the examination process. Students must register for the exam quickly as the last date to apply is on 6th May 2022. Research about the courses you would like to apply to and ensure that you select the correct subjects.

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