How to start preparing for IAS? What are the myths about IAS exam preparation? Well, the answer to your questions is given in this article. You can also find information regarding IAS preparation for beginners along with the best coaching for IAS online. This article will provide you with the answers to your queries. Let’s begin!

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Myths About IAS Exam Preparation

The first myth is that only educational toppers will crack IAS. A glance at the list of IAS toppers each year can only reveal the lack of truth in this myth. Several toppers return from nondescript colleges and schools. Several of them return from backward regions of the country with very little or no scope for any IAS preparation. Several toppers were average or rather weak educational performers.

However, all this has no bearing on the UPSC results. All it takes in this examination is how a student approaches the IAS examination, how he/she prepares for it, what quiet steering is obtainable, and how diligently the IAS preparation is completed. Past educational performance doesn’t matter one bit. One must study for 14-16 hours each day to clear the test.

Let us get real here. If you were to require a 9-5 job, you’d work for eight hours. If you were to attend school, you’d pay a minimum of eight hours taking classes, and finishing assignments.

Myths for IAS Preparation for Beginners

IAS preparation takes up specifically that abundant of your time, however with laser-sharp focus. It’s not the number of hours that you simply place into learning that matters. One year of focus and alignment will place you 5 years ahead in life.

Don’t underestimate the ability of consistency and want. Have a study arrangement for 5-6 hours every day, and stick with it. Perpetually get your preparation evaluated. No force in the world will stop you from achieving your dream.

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UPSC Preparation Myths

Another myth related to the IAS examination that builds stress in every candidate is that an IAS aspirant should understand and remember everything. Undeniably, the UPSC curriculum is vast. But, it’s additionally outlined apart from these affairs half. And, even for daily current affairs, there’s a technique by which they are often coated.

A scientific approach during which the candidate follows the daily news and covers necessary magazines, programs, etc. is good enough. You’ll additionally transfer the monthly current affairs magazine for the UPSC examination without charge here. This section contains all the necessary exam-worthy news of the month classified and explained.

It’s an unquestionable-proven fact that the UPSC-CSE could be an extremely competitive examination and also the success rate is sort of low. However, it’s not the toughest examination in the world. Hard work, calmness, a practicable strategy, and a seasoned mentor will build an aspirant an inevitable qualifier.

There are several samples of mediocre students who cracked this exam with only ten months of preparation. Believe that you simply can clear in this trial, and you’ll. The quantity of times a candidate attempts the examination isn’t relative to the probability of obtaining clearance. Do sensible work. Maintain your physical and mental state over time.

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How to start preparing for IAS? Well, if you have gone through this article, you must have understood all the myths related to the UPSC exam. You can begin your preparation by avoiding these myths and working hard on your dream. For UPSC preparation content, visit the UPSC Pathshala website. It is the best coaching for IAS online. You will get all the potential information for the IAS preparation for beginners.

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If you want to do your IAS preparation without getting into the myths of the paper, you can go through this article and acknowledge all the myths about IAS exam preparation.
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