Below is a detailed list of books that you will require to prepare for Political Science paper for UPSC. We have divided the list into the relevant sets for paper 1 and paper 2.

Book Author Publication Buying LInks
Books for Political Science: Paper 1      
Fifty major political thinkers. Ian Adams and RW Dyson Routledge; 2 edition (19 April 2007) Click to buy
An introduction to political theory O.P Gauba Macmillan India Limited (2012) Click to buy
Foundations of Indian political thought (only relevant topics). VR Mehta Manohar Publications, India; 2nd Revised edition edition (1 July 1996) Click to buy
A new look at modern Indian history BL Grover and Alka Mehta S Chand; Revised 2016 edition (2016) Click to buy
An introduction to the constitution DD Basu Lexis Nexis; Twenty-Second edition (1 June 2015) Click to buy
An Oxford companion to politics in India (selective chapters).   Oxford; Edition edition (7 October 2011) Click to buy
Books for Political Science: Paper 2      
MPS-004 Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends Expert Panel of GPH (IGNOU material) Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd; 1 edition (2016) Click to buy
Global politics Andrew Heywood Palgrave Macmillan; Second edition (11 March 2014) Click to buy
Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India’s Foreign Policy Rajiv Sikri SAGE India; First edition (3 June 2013) Click to buy
Does the Elephant Dance?: Contemporary Indian Foreign Policy David M. Malone Oxford (20 February 2014) Click to buy
India’s foreign policy V P Dutt NATIONAL BOOK TRUST, INDIA; First edition (2011) Click to buy
International organizations Spectrum SPECTRUM BOOKS PVT LTD (2013) Click to buy
Books for extra reading/reference      
Working in a Democratic Constitution: A History of the Indian Experience Austin Granville Oxford (10 July 2003) Click to buy
Indian Constitution: Cornerstone of a Nation by Austin Granville. Austin Granville Oxford (15 July 1999) Click to buy
Indian Home Rule (Hind Swaraj) MK Gandhi Bibliophile South Asia; Centenary ed edition (12 January 2010) Click to buy
Makers of modern India (chapters wrt BR Ambedkar and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan). Ramchandra Guha Penguin India; Latest edition (7 November 2012) Click to buy
Panchayati Raj: Oxford India Short Introductions Kuldeep Mathur Oxford; Edition edition (4 March 2013) Click to buy

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Political Science & International Relations Syllabus for UPSC CSE

You must also read ‘The Hindu’ for updates on politics as well as on international relations. The Internet should be used for perspectives on IR. Some sites like MEA, Carnegie endowment, stagecraft, and statecraft, etc. are recommended.

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