How to prepare for UPSC in 1 year? Let’s prepare with the best study material, expert guidance, and motivational knowledge to keep you focused on your goal. Let’s check out the best information to prepare for the most prestigious and reputed examination in India. 

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How to Start Preparing for UPSC?

Well, most of the aspirants of this examination search for a complete timetable to follow to start their preparation and to go perfectly to reach their goals. You must follow the information given in this article to perfectly prepare for the paper by completing the entire syllabus and revising everything. You should also analyze your performance with the help of the practice material, test series, and mock tests. 

The first month should be spent on reading concerning the test and understanding what’s future for you. It’s assumed that you are taking the civil services plunge because you’re certain of your selection of career as a functionary or diplomat. Get a copy of the newest UPSC information and go through it carefully. You don’t have to choose an option at this stage. Be sure of the complete UPSC test method and pattern. 

Make sure you’re eligible. You should also begin reading a newspaper daily. You’re also suggested to go to UPSC Pathshala’s sessions daily for news analysis and exam-related information and news. Prepare an inventory of study material you have got to buy or borrow, and acquire them. Talk to seniors or mentors and gather helpful tips from them.

The next 2 months should be spent reading the basic books of the final Studies papers, together with NCERT textbooks. Begin your reading in such a way that each prelim and main part are covered. You should create notes as and once you are finding out. Also, make sure you are periodically revising no matter what you’re finding out. Current affairs are vital at each stage then, maintain a separate file for them. 

Create notes as you browse the newspaper for current affairs. To urge the latest UPSC current affairs from vital sources like PIB, Yojana, newspapers, and a lot of other sources. You should choose your optional subject for this part. Once it’s finalized, you ought to begin your ex gratia preparation yet, excluding continued GS preparation. This is often also the time for you to affix a Prelims test Series.

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How to Start Preparing for IAS?

Next, you need to begin the solution writing observation for the mains test. Continue your newspaper reading and provide particular emphasis on editorials from wherever you’ll gather smart opinions and multiple views on one topic. 

Read a decent magazine like Yojana and Kurukshetra. You’ll be a part of a mains check series for result-oriented answer writing. You need to also go through government reports. Because of time constraints and considering the cost-benefit ratio, it’d be prudent if you read standard summaries of those reports.

After the UPSC mains test, you may have a few months before you get the results. When the results are out, and you discover your name on the list placed by the UPSC, you’ll begin honing your skills for the UPSC mental test. All this while, don’t quit reading the daily newspaper. Improve your fitness, spend time doing your hobbies, watch relevant programs on the TV, practice mock interviews, and be the most effective version of yourself. 

Throughout the complete method, no matter any IAS study plan it’s vital to remain healthy and positive. We hope you may realize the above 1-year study plan for IAS helpful in your pursuit of the IAS dream. For a lot of info on the UPSC IAS test, and to grasp how IAS prepare will assist you to prepare, check our courses and sessions on the UPSC Pathshala website. 

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Therefore, you should visit the UPSC Pathshala website to prepare with the help of the right study material and expert advice. You will stay motivated and goal-oriented with the help of inspirational blogs available on the platform. The preparation and life journeys of the UPSC toppers are posted on the platform. Also, you will get the complete step-by-step preparation timetable and current affairs on the site. So, this platform is the best choice for your goal accomplishment. Visit the site now!

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