With closing to 4,00,000 cases being put in every day, concerns are being put forward on whether SUTRA – a government-backed prototype, to anticipate the increase and wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, may have retained a role in establishing the understanding that a disastrous double wave of the pandemic was controversial in India.

This article talks about the news, parameters of the criterion and the pros and cons of this model. Stay tuned till the end because it also shows topics in the exam related to the model and the covid 19 that has made human life a disaster.

SUTRA Model for Corona – An Important Topic for UPSC

Numerous scientists are criticizing the government-backed prototype, called SUTRA (Susceptible, Undetected, Tested, and Removed Approach), for possessing a huge part in establishing the understanding that the second wave of covid was controversial in India. The second wave of corona has contended thousands of beings since April 2021.

Scientists from the IITs of Kanpur and Hyderabad have pertained to the SUTRA prototype to foresee the corona graph in India. It foremost arrived into social awareness when one of its specialist partners declared in October 2020 that India was “past its peak”.

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The model uses three central parameters to indicate the matter of the pandemic which are

# Beta:  Yet called communication rate, which assesses how much population is infected per person infects per day. It pertains to the R0 significance, which is the volume of people an infected individual disperses the infection to throughout their disease.

# Reach:  It is a criterion of the susceptibility degree of the community to the pandemic.

# Epsilon:  It is the probability of detected and concealed cases.


The problems with this criterion are –

# Variability

There have been numerous examples of the projections existing far out of the edges of the substantial caseload and the projections of the model are too inconsistent to counsel administration policy.

# Too Many Parameters

The model was complicated as it was sure of too many parameters, and recalibrated those parameters whenever its projections “broke down”.

The additional parameters you have, the extra you are in the problem of ‘overfitting’. You can match any curve over a quick time window with 3 or 4 parameters.

# Ignores Behaviour of the Virus

The model’s negligence of the significance of the behaviour of the infection; the fact that some populations were larger transmitters of the virus than others and an absence of calculation for civil or geographic heterogeneity and not satisfying the community by generation as it didn’t fund for connections between several age groups also weakened its existence.

# Ignores the Reason for Change

Recent variants showed up in the SUTRA prototype as an improvement in the integrity of parameters called ‘beta’ (that totalled connection rate).

As distant as the criterion is interesting, it is examining differences in parameter importance. It does not attend to what is the justification behind the modification.

SUTRA Model in UPSC 

It is a high chance that questions might come from this topic for prelims and here are four samples to help you out.

# What is SUTRA Programme? What were the effects after the introduction of this model?

# What are the parameters in the SUTRA prototype and what are they used for?

# What are the disadvantages of this criterion?

# What were the changes that the government and people thought could be done in the model?

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COVID 19 Effect on UPSC

The examination is the apex recruitment administering unit of the country. It instructs various exams every year and administers the exams as per the prescribed exam diagram. Being a constitutional core, the exams are constantly administered on time and there was no reluctance in performing the exams.

The regular number of aspirants who pertained and occurred in all the UPSC exam pre-corona and post-corona duration was not altered considerably. The coronavirus pandemic did not influence the method of the UPSC exam and the volume of aspirants who passed the exam.

How was UPSC 2020?

The volumes of aspirants who arrived in the UPSC exam, after the national lockdown, were not lessened considerably. The data illustrated in the Supreme Court by the UPSC indicates that the volume of aspirants who came out in the exams in 2020-21 (after the COVID-19 pandemic) was nearly comparable to the pre-pandemic years.

The comparison between the pre and later COVID-19 numbers indicates that there existed little effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the volume of aspirants who arrived in the exams. A key component of the pandemic supervision technique everywhere has been to close monetary and civil movement and to commit civil alienation with varying extents of strictness.


Understand the exam structure, kind of problems inquired, type of explanations foreseen, and educate and understand consequently. Do not lose out undeservingly due to such blunders or private prejudices. Being too aggressively unreasonable and partial may cast an opinion of somebody who is not prepared to comprehend. Be confident to realize all your paths and attempt to take the stable path and stay nonpartisan.

Readying for UPSC in extremely impossible times like Covid is a little challenging, but with the subsidy and suggestion of UPSC Pathshala, you can ace your exams with tremendous tallies. Stay matched with our conventional blogs and articles to be revamped with news and also get a grip of some of the nicest recommendations, advice, tricks, and programs that can assist you to accomplish your UPSC goals.

The amendment is the key! Keep moving through your statements and quotations every three to four days; oppositely, you will come out forgetting elements. Any doubts, questions, suggestions or feedback feel free to comment in the comment section below, we are there 24/7 to answer it.

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Sutra Model for Corona: Must-know Facts about the Model for the Upcoming UPSC Exam
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