UPSC(Union public service commission) is one of the most popular entrance exams in India. Through this exam, entrance is decided for positions like Indian Foreign Service, Indian administrative service, and Indian police service. So, it’s a prestigious exam and every year approximately 10 lakh students appear for it. The passing rate for this exam is low at 0.1%. Hence taking coaching is quite imperative. But, in today’s day and age there are so many coaching centers. Which one to choose? How about a SWOT analysis? SWOT Analysis Of UPSC Pathshala.

Strength (SWOT Analysis Of UPSC Pathshala)

There are many strengths of UPSC pathshala when it comes to imparting training for this program. First of all, since it’s an online program consisting of video classes, students can even attend such tutorials at night. So, this is a major boost for students who can’t attend regular classes in the day due to their job schedules.

    • Precise preparation for the course: There is also precise preparation for the course. The students are taught materials in the right manner. With over-teaching, students can forget the important parts leading to poor performance in the exam.
    • Mentorship: Although UPSC Pathshala offers an online mode of teaching, the students can still interact with a mentor who prepares a tailor-made study plan for them. So, this is much like one-to-one interaction. Students are required to watch a certain video on weekdays and weekends as per this study plan. They also receive detailed feedback on the notes prepared by them based on such videos.

The students are also prepared to answer 7 analytical questions based on such videos per week. Such analytical questions require them to make appropriate use of knowledge acquired through such videos. Answering such questions prepares students for the mains of the UPSC exam which consists of essay type questions.

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  • Current affairs coverage-CSAT( Civil Service Aptitude Test ) which is a part of the UPSC prelims requires students to be well-versed with current affairs topics. However, reading the Hindu newspaper every day requires at least 3 hours. Still, the students don’t know what part of the news is important. So, there is current affairs coverage provided to students when they prepare through UPSC pathshala. So they get weekly updates about important news. They are also asked questions about such news. Such news covers a gist of current happenings reported in The Hindu, Yojana, and Press Information Bureau releases. 
  • Affordability- UPSC Pathshala is also offering its course at 1/4th of the price of any coaching institute.  UPSC  pathshala is also providing scholarships to intelligent students where 5-50% of their fees is waived off. At Least, Rs 10 lakh has been distributed in scholarships so far.
  • Tests-Students are given a thorough preparation through 2 complete mock tests including prelims, mains, and main interview sections of the UPSC exam. Apart from that, there are also 16 mock tests for mains conducted for students
  • UPSC Guru-It’s an app which students can download free of cost on their phones. It provides them alerts about any new videos on current affairs. They also get notifications about the date of exams.

Talking about the customized study plans, there is the UPSC Foundation course 2022, Crash course for Prelims 2020, UPSC Inception course 2021, UPSC pathshala Junior for students from 6th-10th standards. There are also specific courses for students for subjects such as Sociology and Geography. There is also a preparation course for UPSC in Hindi.

Weaknesses – (SWOT Analysis Of UPSC Pathshala)

Since the students are taught through online videos, there is not much scope for personal interaction. But that is not completely true. It’s because offline classes these days consist of large batch sizes of 250 students. In such large group’s students feel embarrassed to ask questions for the fear of getting mocked by other students.

However, in UPSC pathshala students get two calls a week from their mentor to resolve their queries and confusion. So, students get a chance to keep in touch with the mentor and report their progress as asked.

Opportunities (SWOT Analysis Of UPSC Pathshala)

Since the government positions are becoming so coveted in India and UPSC one of the routes to attain them, there are a lot of opportunities. There are staggering salaries paid to an IAS officer. During the 1st four years of service, the Basic Pay of an IAS officer is Rs 56,100. There are also other components of his salary apart from the basic pay. These components include Dearness Allowances, Transport Allowances, and House Rent Allowances.

Threats (SWOT Analysis Of UPSC Pathshala)

Byju’s Academy is a huge threat to the business. It has online and offline modes of coaching available. In the classroom mode training of Byju’s, students are given classes by the best mentors in India.

It also offers mentorship to the students and has customized study plans for them. It also conducts regular tests for the aspirants. Unlike UPSC pathshala, in Byju’s tests happen all the time. At the end of each chapter, there is a test. So, there are approximately 250 tests given to students for practice.

There are also mock tests based on the patterns of UPSC prelims and mains. Students are also given detailed feedback based on their performance in such tests. IAS trainers at Byju’s conduct detailed seminars on the Union Budget and other important economic events. Students can clear out their queries at the end of such sessions.

If the students opt for the online training mode of Byju’s, they are provided tablets where more than 500 hours of lectures for UPSC aspirants have been uploaded. So, UPSC pathshala, will have to upgrade its level.

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