Are you an aspirant of the UPSC CSE? Do you want to grab all the updates related to the examination? Well, you are already at the right place. The civil services exams are conducted through UPSC.

Lakhs of aspirants prepare greatly and perform perfectly in the paper to see their names in the final list to serve the country as well as to have a worthy and reputable job. The UPSC is all set to conduct the CSE exams in 2022. According to the news, the examination will start on the 7th of January.

The UPSC mains for the civil service exams will continue till January 16, 2022, as per the schedule. The admit card is available on the UPSC official website. All the candidates can visit the website to get their admit cards for the test. If you want more information about the UPSC exam, go ahead with the article.

All the mandatory information about UPSC civil services Mains 2021 from 7th January is given here. This exam has the power to change your life completely, so avoid any trouble with the exam and get the updates now!

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UPSC Civil Services 2021 Exam Date

The dates of the civil services exam are 7th, 8th, 9th, 15th, and 16th January. The candidates must prepare for the test accordingly. If you are an aspirant of the UPSC CSE, you should acknowledge that current affairs are extremely important for this test.

Current affairs play a vital role not only in the prelims but also in mains and interviews. Every candidate should make a habit of reading authentic newspapers regularly which include:

#. Yojana Magazine

#. Newspapers (The Hindu/The Indian Express)

#. Press Information Bureau (PIB)

#. Economic and Political Weekly (EPW)

While preparing, you should focus on both prelims and mains exams simultaneously because there is a syllabus overlap between the two. You can easily learn the points for two sections. You must emphasize largely on the answer writing practice because the examiners don’t give marks on the superficial answers.

Your answers must be precise and correct to fetch high scores. As the dates are quite near now, you must revise the syllabus and put your best into the paper.

UPSC Civil Services Mains 2021

The schedule of the main exam has been decided. The forenoon session of the test is from 9 am to 12 noon and the afternoon session is from 2 pm to 5 pm. If you are preparing for the CSE, you must be aware of the pattern of the paper but those who want clarification can read ahead. The main exam of the CSE will consist of a written examination and an interview/personality test. You will get the optional subject in this part of the paper.

Moreover, the written paper will consist of 9 papers. These nine papers include conventional essay types in the subjects set out in subsection (B) of Section-II, out of which two papers will be qualified in nature. Looking for the significant instructions of the test? Let’s grab it here.

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Instructions for Mains

#. The candidates must reach the examination hall 30 minutes before the commencement of the test in the session. The candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination hall before 10 minutes of the exam as the hall closes 10 minutes before the scheduled commencement of the examination in each session.

#. The participants must not possess any gadget or device (even in switch-off mode). The candidates must know that the use of mobile phones and other electronics/communication devices is banned at the examination premises. Disciplinary action will be taken on any infringement of these given instructions. The action can also include a ban from future examinations under the rules of the examination.

#. The candidates must acknowledge that keeping and using scientific (non-programmable type) calculators is allowed. Moreover, if the participants consider it necessary, they may bring these calculators. However, programmable type calculators are not allowed in the hall. So, you should not carry these types of calculators.

#. The participants must bring a black ballpoint pen to the exam hall. This is necessary to make entries in the attendance list.


The main exam is the most important section of the UPSC CSE test. The candidates have to score a minimum of 25% in both paper A and paper B to get a good rank. This section can be classified into two parts:

#1. Qualifying Papers

#. Paper A

#. Paper B

#2. Papers that are counted for merit ranking

#. Essay

#. General Studies (Paper II to Paper V)

#. Optional Subject (Two Papers)

The patter/syllabus of the main exam is given in the table below:

Paper Exam Pattern
Paper A – Indian Language (any of the Indian languages listed in the 8th schedule of the Constitution) Comprehension of given passages.

Precis Writing

Usage and Vocabulary

Short Essays

Translation from English to the Indian Language and vice-versa

Paper B – English Comprehension of given passages

Precis Writing

Usage and Vocabulary

Short Essays

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UPSC Preparation

The preparation for this test is immensely necessary. If you want to see your name in the final list of UPSC, you have to get good scores in the mains and interview round. The mains round is designed to test the in-depth knowledge of the candidate, this is why the marks are provided to relevant, meaningful, and succinct answers.

The examiners of the CSE prepare the questions in UPSC Mains to test the aspirant’s basic understanding, ability to analyze and “take a look on conflicting socio-economic goals, objectives, and demands.” You need to have a complete understanding of the paper to prepare accordingly.

The candidates can take a non-programmable calculator with them to do calculations. The main paper has been revised in 2015. The examination will be conducted according to the revised points. Therefore, the Mains paper will contain nine theoretical or essay descriptive papers.

The seven papers out of these nine exams will be calculated to make the merit list. You must focus on all the spheres of the test to fetch high scores and to achieve your dreams.


Hopefully, all the information about the UPSC exam given in this article has helped you to prepare and perform excellently for this incredibly great examination. Well, it is a proven fact that this exam requires guidance and mentorship due to the toughness of the paper as well as the heavy competition.

Are you preparing for this test? If yes, you should meet the best experts to resolve all your queries and learn to fetch high scores by combating the challenges and competition. If you are in search of professionals or experts, you need to click here and visit the UPSC Pathshala website. You will not only get expert guidance and support but also get all the information and can prepare religiously through the most worthy articles. If you know the right process of achieving your dreams, every path becomes easy.

You can touch the height of success conveniently by choosing the right platform. The experts will give you the knowledge of the most important and not-so-worthy sphere of the exam so that you can focus largely on the significant areas. So, choose the right place and reach the right place. All the best!

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