History is a common choice of optional subject among UPSC aspirants owing to its importance in the General Studies paper of each Prelim and UPSC CS Main examination.

Not only will it have sensible evaluation potential, but it’s also a standardized alternative among the toppers of UPSC CSE which reinforces the success rate of this optional subject. If you wish to choose this subject as your optional for Mains, you need to have a look at the UPSC History optional question paper 2022 for better civil service exam preparation.

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UPSC Mains 2022 History Optional Question Paper

Well, if you want to grab the details to select History, you should know a few things for the preparation. For aspirants who are sensible about remembering states, history will be remembered as a story of events in an ordered manner. Since it’s a static subject, you are not to worry about learning these affairs for this explicit paper.

Moreover, there are ample resources out there in the style of books. The sole con whereas choosing History optional is that it’s a large curriculum that must be coated holistically. However, if you’ve scanned it throughout your graduation or post-graduation, or you’re very passionate and curious about this subject, that should not be a matter of concern for you.

You should begin preparing with the NCERTs. This can be an honest history-optional strategy particularly if you’re a novice to the present subject and have forgotten your high school history. Plenty of candidates like the previous NCERTs as they offer history within the correct chronological order. This helps to know the timeline of rulers and events, information which might provide you with a clearer image of things. The NCERTs are easy to follow and perceive.

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UPSC Mains Exam Paper History

History becomes easier if you divide it into elements. Indian history is handily divided into ancient, medieval, and trendy. You must ideally recognize the curriculum of these elements before you begin your preparation.

You must conjointly build a timeline of events in every section so that revision becomes easier. For an issue with a large curriculum, you must build notes and study. For each topic, build points below headings like causes, features, significance, criticism/ failure, action, impact, etc. this can assist you in respondent indirect queries.

As an example, the failure of the Cripps Mission semiconductor diode to the Congress Party line for a large-scale mass movement of direct action. This was one of the causes of the Quit India Movement. This way, you’ll be able to relate events. It’s vital to examine the assorted travellers who visited India in the past like Al Biruni, Fa Hein, etc.

You must recognize their observations concerning Indian society, economy, and polity throughout their time here, what we can study our history from their writings, etc. it’s vital to attach the dots in history. You’ll relate personalities, circumstances, etc. you want to undergo the previous year’s question papers, particularly the last ten years.

Several queries are recurrent, thus this task makes it simple to know the foremost vital areas of the curriculum. If attainable, writing answers, build an association with modern times’ polity and economy. This can add price to your answers. You want to follow maps often as questions are asked from this section. Refer to multiple sources for this section as some sources might not offer the proper data. Only a rigorous following will assist you to score marks here.

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UPSC Mains Exam Paper History Books

If you are looking for UPSC CSE Mains 2022 paper and material for your preparation, you can refer to the following books to prepare and score well.

# NCERT (Class IX to XII)


# India’s Ancient Past by R. S. Sharma.

# History of Medieval India: From 647 A.D. to the Mughal Conquest by Satish Chandra.

# History of Modern India by Bipan Chandra.

# India’s Struggle For Independence by Bipan Chandra.

# Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania.

# A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India: From the Stone Age to the 12th Century by Upinder Singh

# From Plassey to Partition and After A History of Modern India by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay

# A Comprehensive History of Medieval India: From Twelfth to the Mid-Eighteenth Century by Farooqui Salma Ahmed

#; Contemporary India: Economy, Society, Politics by Neera Chandhoke

# A History of Modern World by Jain and Mathur

# Mastering Modern World History by Norman Lowe

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UPSC History Optional Question Paper 2022: Let's Get Ready for UPSC 2023!
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