There is a saying in the Northern parts of India, “Agar aapne soch liya, to aapne aadhi jung to wahi jeet li” (if you have thought about it, that means you have won half the battle). If you have made up your mind that you want to prepare for the UPSC CSE, then half of the battle is won. Now you need to plan how you will achieve it.

Most of the beginners who come across the term “Civil Services” are confused, and often misguided by many sites, blogs, and articles. The issues are not limited to the institutes, but also from people who are preparing for the exam, choosing optional subjects, preparing the budget for studying, getting notes for preparation, etc. So, if you are looking for answers about what should I do in my UPSC CSE preparation before joining UPSC coaching classes, find out here.

UPSC Preparation

Let us come down to the preparations. You have decided to join a coaching centre. But what do you need to prepare before going to the classes? Many aspirants go to the classes with no preparation, and seeing other students way advanced than them breaks their confidence. Doing this will cost you money and loss of mental stability.

  • Check If You are Eligible for the Exam

The age limit for UPSC CSE is 21 to 32. So, if you are still in your school, you have lots of time to prepare for. Secondly, you need to finish graduation before applying for UPSC. A total of 6 attempts are allowed for the exam.

  • Thorough With Your Basics

If you plan to clear the most prestigious exam in the country, you need to be thorough with the school basics. What we learn in our secondary, or 6th class onwards in our schools needs to be sorted and jammed into your head — irrespective of subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Hindi, English, and Sanskrit.

  • Manage and Plan the Budget in Advance

While coaching institutes fake at times by charging hefty fees providing the same kind of services, you will still need to pay a designated amount to the teacher. This may range from INR 50,000 to INR 3,00,000 for one year. Additionally, you will need money for books, living expenses, travel, and leisure activities too.

  • UPSC Exam Dates

This will prepare you for the topics you need to start with and prepare for the coming exam or the next one.

  • Take Consultation from the Experienced

You don’t need to make mistakes to learn, rather learn from other’s mistakes. Get knowledge from other senior aspirants on what went right and wrong. Make realistic goals for competitions, and beat them. A total of 10,00,000 aspirants appear, and 1000 of them get the seats each year. Out of these 1000, 59.5% seats are reserved, so if you are in a general category, chances come down to 0.040%.

Is UPSC 2021 without any Coaching Possible?

Yes, we answered that in earlier sections that preparation is possible without a coaching centre or private coaching. All you need is the right material to prepare from, and update your knowledge about UPSC preparations regularly. By this we mean, the exam pattern, the amendments that the government recently added which are not present in old books, what to focus on current affairs, and likewise.

Secondly, you need a preparation schedule for each day, which should be the priority for every diligent student. Making a study plan can help you plan your day to reap maximum benefits. Completing the syllabus in time and revising the subject will be easier in a scheduled manner.

How to Start UPSC Preparation at Home?

You need to evolve with the situation, learn from the basics, with an in-depth understanding. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced candidate in UPSC preparation, you should always carry information on the trends.

  1. Use Youtube: Many channels are providing excellent coaching on Youtube for free. You need to surf the website well to get the best ones.
  2. Mobile Applications: From PDF data to online lectures, there are online mobile applications to give real-time mock tests and preparation guides. 
  3. Schedule Building: Make a schedule daily on which subject you will focus, and what topics you are finishing in the day. This will keep track of your progress and will be great for revision. Make sure it is realistic, and ensure you stick to it.
  4. Get Standard Textbooks: Always use standard books for preparation to learn what is correct. For UPSC, correct dates and years matter a lot.
  5. Decide Optional Subjects: Choosing the right subject in UPSC is critical in clearing the exam. Choose a subject that you know beforehand, or refresh a little knowledge from schooling.
  6. Make a Separate Copy of Each Subject: It is essential to stay organised; it helps a lot in the revision and assessing process. 
  7. Revise Weekly: Every weekend, plan a mock test and revision, so you keep up with the preparation till the end. Do this on a monthly basis as well, so that you are in a constant phase of revising what you studied. 
  8. Give Time to your Health: If your mind and body are healthy, the process of learning boosts by 40%, so give time to some physical activity as well.


UPSC and IAS preparation gets easier with the help of correct guidance and coaching, but there are a few things you can do before joining UPSC coaching, which can help you prepare better and succeed with flying colours.

If you are still worried about getting coaching and which institute to choose, get in touch with UPSC Pathshala. We even provide free guidance for students on how to start preparation for UPSC in the demo class. UPSC Pathshala can tell you everything about UPSC to achieve success.

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What Should I do in My UPSC CSE Preparation before Joining UPSC Coaching Classes?
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