UPSC has shown to be the most reliable source of highly renowned positions in the Indian job market. Today, we can see clear cut-throat competition in all UPSC tests, particularly the IAS exam. 

And, in this ever-increasingly competitive environment, passing the IAS exam on the very first attempt has become extremely challenging. Self-study alone will not suffice to pass the IAS exam. 

The best coaching is required for success. Decent or top tutoring can provide a beautiful solution at the proper time for this difficulty. In this article, you will learn about one of the top online UPSC classes online along with some tips which will help you crack the UPSC in your first attempt.

Top UPSC Online Classes for 2022

Looking for the best online UPSC classes with top UPSC lecturers in India? Here is a list of our picks

UPSC Pathshala

UPSC Pathshala has the best UPSC training method which focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of aspirants. It helps students think deeply about issues and gain a deeper comprehension of the disciplines. 

It provides the following, which ensures an outstanding score on the exam. UPSC Pathshala has a long history of success, and it continues to help people realise their aspirations. Every aspirant can achieve their objectives with the help of a free sample session and the UPSC Guru app. You will also get personal UPSC mentors for your guidance.

Yojna IAS Coaching

The Yojana IAS Coaching Institute is one such training institute that specialises in assessing an individual’s ability to engage with an institute and then transforming that ability into a better result through their sincere vision of giving high-quality education. 

The coaching’s continual efforts and commitment to a better future may be seen in the remarkable achievements their pupils have achieved in recent years when they qualified for key civil service tests. It began on a small scale but has since grown into a household brand in the education area. 

Many individuals pass tests with good grades and clear interviews with a great deal of confidence because of improvised teaching strategies and study material that set the benchmark in the education field.

Vajiram & Ravi IAS Coaching

Vajiram & Ravi IAS Coaching is a leading IAS coaching institute in Delhi. This coaching is ranked third because it has regularly provided excellent UPSC coaching for several years. 

In every aspect, our tutoring provides you with high-quality IAS or other UPSC test preparation. The instructors here are extremely competent, and their coachings are of a level of excellence that you will not find in any other part of India.

This institute’s classrooms are immaculately maintained, air-conditioned, and sanitary. Lift the discussion to its preparation materials, which are highly well-researched, interesting, and written in plain language. Because it is such a prestigious institution, batch sizes are frequently quite huge.

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Despite being ranked fourth, AKS IAS Coaching is the finest IAS coaching facility in Hyderabad. A rising star in the preparation for the IAS exams. This institute has been in operation for a number of years. A growing number of applicants are enrolling in this institute for advanced level course covering as well as basic course covering.

Shankar IAS Coaching

It is a well-known name for providing the best UPSC exam preparation not only in Chennai but throughout India. Shankar IAS Coaching has been providing quality preparation since 2004. Mr. Shnakar is the founder of this institute. 

He established it with the goal of providing brilliant and financially disadvantaged students with the greatest UPSC training so that they can be selected for a UPSC position on the first try.

So far, this institute has produced approximately 12,000 UPSC officers in various UPSC postings, the majority of whom have passed the IAS exams. Shankar IAS Coaching’s faculties have been hand-picked for their expertise. 

They are the team of India’s greatest educators. Apart from Classroom training, it offers the greatest study resources, doubts clearing online and offline classes and regular mock practising examinations as well as a fantastic reference for your preparation. The application process for the Prelims IAS course is now underway. Don’t delay in contacting them; you don’t want to be late for this.

Prayas India

Prayas India IAS Coaching is regarded as one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Mumbai. For several years, this institute has maintained its illustrious status in UPSC preparation. In the last few years, our institute has assisted over 2,000 students in getting selected for the IAS exam.

You will receive excellent preparation for the prelims and mains exams, as well as for personality development and interviews, here. This institute has received numerous prizes and accolades for its superb coaching.

How to Crack the UPSC in The First Attempt?

Make The UPSC Syllabus More Objective

Most IAS applicants believe that the sheer size of the IAS syllabus dissuades them from putting in the effort required to pass the UPSC test in the first try. Without a doubt, the curriculum is extensive, but keep in mind that it is material you already have learned! Bone up on your previous knowledge to have your IAS vision off to a good start. Begin by taking down the complete curriculum in points, then dividing them into categories based on your strengths and weaknesses, then creating a study plan.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It Religiously

Make a schedule for yourself, and make sure it’s a realistic schedule. Make a schedule that allows you to devote no more than 8 -10 hours of your day to your IAS preparations. Once you’ve determined how much time you’ll devote to it each day and what topics you’ll cover, make sure you stick to it.

Participate in Enlightening Debates

Maintain a habit of discussing all significant occurrences from the perspective of the CSE Exam. This advice is given by all former IAS toppers who passed the exam on their first attempt. Good conversations will offer you an advantage over your competitors not just in the Prelims and Mains, but also in interviews.

Solve Mock Papers on a Regular Basis

Make sure you solve a sufficient number of practice papers for both the Preliminary and Mains before taking the UPSC test for the first time. Regular assessments will assist you in keeping track of the status. You learn about your flaws and can attempt to overcome them. This will help you stay motivated.

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Improve Your Ability to Write Answers

Studying the syllabus wasn’t the most essential point to do in an examination like the UPSC; how you take the exam is what matters the most. What separates one high performer from another is how well you write the answers in three hours, regardless of how much you prepare beforehand. 

As a result, practising essay/answer writing on a regular basis is critical. Before the UPSC assesses you, evaluate yourself and submit proper analytical responses.

The Rule of Two Revisions

Make sure you have adequate time on your schedule for at least two revisions when planning your studies. Both general studies and the CSAT syllabus should be read twice in the week leading up to the exam. You will not pass this exam if you do not revise.

Never Skip Newspaper Reading

The Newspaper Readings’ act as a vital part in your whole preparation phase if there is a bible that can lead you to victory. Many of the examination questions are taken directly from the media. As a result, it is prudent for you to understand how to read a newspaper, for instance, what to read and who to not read in it.

Begin Framing Your Own Inquiries

Make it a habit to ask yourself questions and anticipate the types of questions that may be asked during exams. Maintain a separate notebook for your Current Affairs part, and stay updated with recent events in the domains of art, politics, economics, and social sector activities. 

This notebook will serve as a reference for revising current events, which is now the most crucial aspect of your preparation.

Plan and Carry Out Your Strategy

Planning is always the first stage toward success, followed by execution. It’s possible that you won’t stick to the plan you had in mind. However, it is necessary to cultivate the practice of periodically assessing the plan and, if necessary, making mid-course corrections. You won’t be able to achieve your goal until you have a solid plan in place.


Maintaining better health throughout the course is a must if you want to do well on these tests. Studying late at night can disrupt one’s circadian cycle. However, late-night studying is unavoidable. As a result, maintaining a healthy, consistent diet should be one of a CSE aspirant’s main priorities. If this is your first time, don’t let your nerves get the best of you.

Check out UPSC Pathshala now to get one step closer to UPSC success.

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