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Wassenaar Arrangement

Lately, on the 26th periodic grant of the Wassenaar Arrangement in Vienna, Ireland handed over the chairmanship to India and India will officially assume the chairmanship from 1st January 2023. The Wassenaar Arrangement is a voluntary import control governance.

The Arrangement, formally established in July 1996, has 42 members who change information on transfers of conventional munitions and binary-use goods and technologies. Binary- use refers to the capability of a good or technology to be used for multiple purposes- generally peaceful and military.

UPSC Notes

Wassenaar Arrangement’s Secretariat is in Vienna, Austria. It has 42 member countries comprising NATO( North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and EU countries. sharing States are needed to report their arms transfers and transfer denials of certain binary-use goods and technologies to destinations outside the Arrangement on a six-yearly basis. India became a member of the Arrangement in 2017.

The group works by regularly swapping information in respect of technology, both conventional and nuclear-able, that’s sold to, or denied to countries outside the grouping.

This is done through the conservation and updating of detailed lists of chemicals, technologies, processes and products that are considered militarily significant. It aims at controlling the movement of technology, material or factors to countries or realities which undermine transnational security and stability.

Wassenaar Arrangement for IAS Exam

It’s the decision-making body of the Arrangement. It’s composed of representatives of all sharing States and typically meets formally at a time, generally in December. The position of the Plenary Chair is subject to periodic gyration among sharing States. In 2018 the Plenary Chair was held by the United Kingdom, and in 2019 the Chair is held by Greece. All Plenary opinions are taken by agreement. Why is the Chairmanship Significant for India?

India is also laboriously engaging global stakeholders in bridging terrorist backing. Indian home minister is presently the president of the No plutocrat for Terrorism( NMFT) clerical action. help Arms Diversion to Terrorists As a president of the grand, India would be in a position to steer conversations of the group to further strengthen the import controls to prevent arms diversion to terrorists or to autonomous nations supporting terrorism.

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The worsening profitable extremity in India’s western neighbour coupled with the rapid-fire radicalization of historically moderate sets in communities in the country poses a particular set of challenges to India. Strengthening the licensing and enforcement practices under the WA and relinquishment of new import controls in areas like flight technology, interception technology and digital disquisition tools will pave the way for the creation of a strong anti-proliferation frame for South Asia.

Democratization of space and Defense Technologies India can play a significant part in democratizing access to technologies and processes that can serve as pivotal structure blocks for the recently arising defence and space manufacturing sectors in India.

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India is sluggishly arising as a low- cost patron of several particulars in the WA’s control lists. The Nuclear Suppliers Group( NSG), for the control of nuclear-affiliated technology. The Australia Group( AG) for control of chemical and natural technology that could be weaponized.

The Missile Technology Control Regime( MTCR) for the control of rockets and other upstanding vehicles able to deliver munitions of mass destruction. Class to these not only allows lesser technology and material access but enhances the credibility of a nation as a responsible member of the world order. India is poised to become a significant player in the world and therefore requires a voice to foster its claim as a rising power.

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