Since imperial times, Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and Indian Police Services (IPS) has existed. The candidates for both services are selected via the civil services exam organised by the Union Public Service Commission. This is why candidates focus highly on their UPSC preparation.

There has been a greater preference for the IAS services than IPS, as per the general trends. The reason for this could be the better perks in IAS compared to IPS. While the debate between Indian Administration vs Indian Police rages, we have discussed some pointers to help you understand the two.

Overview of Selection and Posting of IAS and IPS Officers

The IAS and IPS are both selected and transferred as per their eligibility and talent by the Cadre Controlling authority after the UPSC results. It is a ministry that overlooks the postings and job transfer of the candidates who get selected. However, both these are overlooked by a different set of ministries.

Ministry of Personnel oversees the hiring of IAS and reports directly to the PMO. On the other hand, the Ministry of Home Affairs oversees IPS’ hiring. The UPSC recommends the candidates that clear the exam, and are then sorted by the respective ministries.

The Difference in Training

The initial three-month training for IAS and IPS officers is carried at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA). It is known as the foundation course typical to both the post candidates. Then the IPS officers migrate to the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA).

There is a difference in the training types of training activities for IAS vs IPS officers. The IPS officers need to undergo severe physical training. It includes activities such as horse riding, parades, armoury, and various other pieces of training. In addition, they are trained for all things related to law enforcement.

At the same time, the IAS officers are trained for the administration and monitoring of human resources, coordination, and management of work.

After completing the training, which is two years for IAS and 2.5 years for IPS officers, the medals are distributed to the toppers of the training sessions. The IAS topper receives the President’s Gold medal, while the IPS topper receives the PM’s baton.

Why Indian Administration Service is better than Indian Police Service?

Powers and Responsibilities

The IAS officers enjoy a higher power and responsibility when it comes to their functioning. The promotion of a selected IAS officer occurs as a District Magistrate (DM). On the other hand, an IPS officer is promoted to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP).

A District Magistrate (DM) has the powers to employ section 144, curfews, open fire in times of mob attacks. The post has the power to take decisions in departmental meetings and also has the responsibility to give orders to certain police officers, for instance, to issue certain types of warrants.

The SSP, on the contrary, overlooks the law and order governance in the district. The post allows the person in charge to arrest and question any individual seen breaking the laws and amendments of the lawbook.

Why IAS is Better than IPS?

There are several points to consider for a discussion on why IAS is better than IPS. If an IAS officer is promoted to the post of district magistrate then they enjoy the responsibility to govern all the departments of the district.

An IPS turned to SSP, however, has only his department to overlook. Further, as per protocol, the IPS officer must salute the IAS officer if he is senior. Also, he must take off his cap only after the IAS officer has seated down. These are the extra perks that an IAS officer enjoys. However, both IAS and IPS have full responsibilities to overlook.

Scope of Duty

If you still have doubts about why IAS is better than IPS, an IAS officer turned DM enjoys the power to give orders to all departments of the districts. An IAS must pass orders of the level of a major to the Army during disasters and to the police department.

An IPS turned to SSP must work as per the order of DM during any emergencies. Further, an IPS must always be in their uniforms when on-duty, unlike an IAS officer.

Top Posts Attainable, Perks, and Incentives

An IPS officer could be promoted to the offices of law and order enforcers. In other words, the IPS officers could be promoted to the post of the Director-General of Police of the State, Director of CBI, IB, and RAW. Further, an IPS officer could also be promoted to the post of National Security Officer.

An IAS officer, however, has a wide range of options for promotion. The post allows promotion to the Cabinet secretary of GOI or the Chief Secretary of the state government. An IAS officer could take even the post of Union Home Secretary. These are some of the highest posts in the bureaucratic structures of the government.

Ever since the amendments in the Seventh Pay Order Commission, there have been drastic improvements in the salaries of IAS and IPS officers. An IPS officer’s salary ranges from INR 56,100 to 2,25,000 per month, the same as an IAS officer.

However, an IAS officer has a higher salary than an IPS officer — one of the reasons why the Indian Administration Service is better than the Indian Police Service.


The debate of IAS vs IPS is bound to go on. However, one thing for sure is that both these posts are necessary for the easy and smooth flow of a nation’s governance. Both the departments complement each other’s work for maintaining law, order, and management.

But, unfortunately, one overlooks the public administration, and the other overlooks the law ordinances and peace in the district.

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Why IAS is Better than IPS? Overview and Differences that Make IAS a Better Choice than IPS
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