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UPSC Pathshala Partners

UPSC Pathshala Partners

Be a part of the educational revolution in your area!

India’s biggest online personalized training institute is coming to your city. The best place to train students for all the government exams, with the best content and trainers, in a personalized manner.

Why is it a good business for you?

  • Excellent RoI of >40%
  • Minimum day to day operational involvement
  • Gateway to a $10B+ Indian EdTech industry
  • All weather business with no seasonality or impact of economic conditions
  • Infinite scope of expansion and new products
  • Socially respectable business

Who are we looking for?

We are planning to enroll 10 lac students by 2025 through 300 centres all over India. We seek partners to invest in this expansion and run the business.

  • Entrepreneur with an investment capability of 1-2 Crore.
  • Someone looking to invest and expand the business in his area
  • Someone seeking a very attractive RoI over a horizon of 5 years
  • Someone passionate about improving the learning matrix and chances of success of local students in the competitive exams

Who are we?

  • India’s fastest growing online education company
  • More than 1 lac satisfied paid users till now
  • More than 1000 trainers
  • More than a million hours of online training experience across brands
  • More than 50 courses in different domains

UPSC Pathshala Pedagogy

How our students generate best results

Best Quality Video Content

Amazing videos covering the entire syllabus of GS, Current affairs, and CSAT for both prelims and mains exam.


Get a personalised mentor to handhold you through the long process of UPSC preparation to keep your preparation on track.

Practice Tests and Mock Tests

Keep a track of your preparation with a regular test series of UPSC standards.

Live Classes

Regular live classes covering the most important topics for prelims 2022 in a comprehensive manner, boosting your score by 30%.

Your time, Your place

Prepare without any constraint of time and space. No need to quit your job or relocate to some other city. Prepare from the comfort of your home.

Super Affordable

No need to spend a fortune sitting in a classroom of 500 students. Get personalised training at a fraction of the cost.

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Have some questions?
Check our FAQs

Frequently asked questions about everything you want to know about how UPSC Pathshala ensures your success.

About the Company:

What is uFaber?

Founded in 2014, uFaber is India's fastest growing Ed-Tech company. In a short journey of 7 years, it boasts of more than 10,000 teachers, over a lac students and over 10 million hours of lectures delivered. It offers a highly effective mix of exceptional teaching with hyper personalised attention to ensure outstanding results.

What is UPSC Pathshala?

UPSC Pathshala is India's largest online training institution for Civil Services and other government examinations.

About the Centre:

What are the major activities that will be done in the partner centre?

  • Masterclasses
  • Tests
  • Group Discussions
  • Special sessions by local experts
  • Revision Sessions

How will the centre attract students?

The UPSC Pathshala sales team will generate leads which will visit the centres. Apart from that, a number of local marketing events will happen at the centre ensuring enough footfall at the centre.

What all sales activities will be done at the center?

Centre will have current affairs readers, tests, talks, masterclasses on various subjects and topics.

What all post sales activities (support) will be done at the centre?

The post sales support of training will be given by the company online. Some parts of it, depending on the schedule of the exam will be done at the centre offline as well.

What will be the refund/complaint policy?

All the customer support related issues will be handled by the company. In case of a refund, there will be no revenue sharing for that student.

Operational Details:

How many partner centres will be opened in my city?

There will be just one partner in one city. Some cities will have more than one centre. All of them will be owned by a single partner only.

What are the termination clauses for the partner and the company?

  1. Normally, the agreement will be for a period of 5 years. After 5 years, the partner will be free to sell the centre off or to hand it over to the company at a mutually agreeable price.
  2. If the partner decides to quit the agreement without completing the 5 year period, the company will have the right to forfeit the security deposit made by the partner.
  3. If the company finds that the partner is violating the terms and conditions of the agreement, it can terminate the agreement with a notice of one week.
  4. If due to lack of business, or any other issues, the company and partner mutually agree to shut the centre, they will divide the revenue loss because of that in a 50:50 manner.


What is the manpower requirement at the centre?

3 people. One centre manager, one administrative executive and one office boy.

What will be the recruitment assistance by the company?

The staff will be recruited by the company only for the partner. The partner can provide the leads to the company for these profiles.

What will be the training mechanism for the recruited staff? What will be the frequency?

Training will be done at the centre/online for a period of 3 days.

If the staff quits, how many times will the company take new training? What will be the costing of that?

There will be no additional charges for additional training.


What infrastructure would be required at the centre? Who will be bearing the cost of that?

Centre will be a well designed place for the students to come to and study. The company will provide a detail of the design of the centre with the tentative cost of setting it up. Tentatively, the cost will be around Rs. 30 Lac.

How many students can sit at a time at my centre?

At a point of time around 75 students can comfortably attend the centre.

What if I want to add some new courses to my centre, which are not offered by the company?

You may request the company to provide those courses to you. Company will provide the assistance required in creating such courses.


Why am I being charged a security deposit of 25 Lac?earing the cost of that?

The deposit is to ensure the intent of the partner of investing in the business. The money is refundable at the end of a period of 5 years.

Why my share is just 15%?

This percentage has been arrived at with the mindset of making a viable business with a very attractive RoI to the partner partner. The partner is supposed to create a centre and invest in it. The entire product and customer service will be done by UPSC Pathshala only.

What if I want to open just one centre?

Opening a minimum required number of centres is essential to the growth of the product in your region. We would want the partner to invest in the required number of partners. If the partner does not have enough capital available, we can bring in another partner to do the investment on a profit sharing basis.

What if we are not able to generate the targeted revenues in the area?

The business risk has to be borne by the partner and the company. The company will also be investing significantly in the marketing and sales efforts in the area

How much money will the company be investing in marketing?

Generally, the investment in marketing will be roughly 20% of the targeted revenue.

Can I get an exit at the end of 1/2/3 years?

No. The contract is for 5 years. If you decide to terminate it earlier than that, the company has the right to confiscate your security money.

What if I want to sell the centre to someone?

Yes but the person has to be approved by the company. The contract with the new partner will be valid for the remainder of the tenure of agreement with you. All the terms and conditions will remain the same.

Can I run the products/programs by other companies at the centre?

No. Only products and services of uFaber Edutech will be allowed at the centre. Any other activity involving any other brand has to be approved by the company.

Can I optimise my capital expenditure by using my own vendors for interior, rent settlement etc.?

Yes. The numbers given in the proposals are indicative. The partner will be free to optimise them in any manner considering the quality standards required by the company.

If there is an additional exam that has a market in the area, can the company provide assistance for that?

Yes. Company will provide the structured assistance for that course in a period of 45 days.

Can I get the courses in vernacular languages?

Yes. The course will be provided in the vernacular languages.

Will there be any non-compete clause?

Yes. During the time this agreement is in force, the partner cannot work/invest in any other examinations preparatory business.

If the capital expenditure increases due to higher rent in the designated area, will the company contribute to it?

No. The capital expenditure mentioned is an indicative number. Any increase or decrease in it will be the partner's responsibility only.

If for any unforeseen reason, the exams for which the preparation program is being offered, is shut down by the government; what will be the future course of action?

In those cases, the company will assist you with other products viable in your area to be run at your centres and area.

If I want to host the other products/any new product launched by the company at the centres, what will be the procedure?

All UPSC Pathshala centres will be allowed to host other products of uFaber Edutech. Some additional product hosting price might apply for such cases, which will be discussed. If there is a need to open new centres for these products, the existing partners will be given the first right to claim.

I want to use my own sales/marketing team for UPSC Pathshala. How does that change the revenue sharing?

In those cases, we would request you to take a separate affiliate model, which is directed towards having sales done by the partners.

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