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Grooming the best minds to join Civil Services!


Grooming the best minds to join Civil Services!

The Problem

Civil Services affects all of us directly in many ways. It plays a crucial role in changing the lives of the poor and nation building. It must have the best minds of the country manning the positions to find critical solutions to very challenging problems.

Hardly any college toppers end up preparing for Civil Services, leading to an average cadre. Average people find average solutions only and the problems persist without any solution in sight!

The Solution

The best minds of India, the most goal oriented, passionate, hardworking and committed to public causes, must be encouraged and provided assistance to prepare for Civil Services. When these people join the Civil Services, the general standard of administration is going to rise benefitting a billion people.

Utkarsh, Our trailblazing initiative

Utkarsh is an initiative by UPSC Pathshala, a pioneer in online preparation of Civil Services exams in India since 2015, to provide right guidance and platform to the best students of India so that they may prepare for UPSC exams in the best possible manner. It plans to bridge the resource and knowledge gap between the deserving candidates and the ultimate prize, a seat at IAS.

How does it work?

The Utkarsh team will contact 500+ colleges in India, asking them to nominate 20 of their best students. Out of those 2 top candidates from each college will be selected and will be given the entire preparation material, classes and all the guidance free of cost by UPSC Pathshala. Colleges must nominate students based on their interest, aptitude, academic performance and financial conditions.

Join the mission to revamp India’s Civil Services.

If you feel your college should be a part of this movement, please nominate your college using the form below.

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