UPSC Prelims is one of the toughest yet the hardest hurdles that you can ever cross in life if you have decided to take part in it in just one single day. But you know what they say,

“There is a lot of struggle and hard work hidden behind those hands and minds that seem ordinary to you.”

Every year lakhs of students take part in this hurdle, where many fail and many succeed. Many are there to just enjoy the process and many are there who clear it in just one go. All there lies behind them is their extremely hard work.

So, today we’ll be helping you know about one such journey and will guide you through some really simple steps to help you with your preparation for the exam.

UPSC Exam Preparation Strategy

Want to know the three months UPSC exam strategy? Check out the points given below:

#1. Define Your Priorities

When it comes to how one can prepare himself/ herself well for the UPSC examination, and that too, UPSC IAS examination; prioritizing things is the ultimate key to it. So, the very first thing that any candidate would require to do is to have an amazing and clear strategy in his/ her mind.

It is extremely important to remember that clearing the UPSC prelims exam is not only just a matter of hard work that you have to do, it’s all about working smart along with working hard. Because this is the one thing that is going to separate the winners from those who are on the verge of winning.

So, always prioritize your works and the key topics of the UPSC prelims syllabus.

#2. Develop a Schedule 

In the last three months that are left before the UPSC IAS prelims exam preparation, one needs to prepare an amazing schedule that is going to help them do wonders in the exam.

Always make sure that you have studied the subjects well and revised them enough before starting you start working on your three-month-long strategy. Now, it’s high time that you understand that the first priority of yours should always be those areas of the exam which need an extra push from your side.

#3. No New Books/ Study Materials

The last months before the examination are just for you to successfully revise all and everything that you need to do in order to clear the examination with an amazing rank and not just about one to get some extra books for themselves with the help of which they can overburden their already-burdened minds.

#4. Current Affairs is the Key

Current affairs are an extremely important part of the UPSC examination. And when we are talking about the UPSC prelims 2021, don’t just forget to add current affairs in your schedule because that is the only key to help you achieve those extra marks and trust us when we say this, they are a complete game-changer.

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#5. One Can Never have Enough Mock Tests

Mock tests help an individual to help him analyse his/ her position for the UPSC examination and help them know where they stand in this journey of theirs. It is a true fact that you’re going to struggle for the first time when you have taken the mock tests for the first time, but you know what they say, “Practice makes a man better.”

So, with enough practice, you can achieve that state of perfection. All you have to do is work super hard for it.

#6. Revision! Revision! Revision!

Revision is the last yet most important step of the UPSC exam preparation. It is difficult for one to remember what has been read before and this is where revision comes to help. The only thing that can help one in understanding the concepts and facts easily and help them remember them for a long time is revision.

All the aspirants of the exam have to go through the entire syllabus of the UPSC at least twice or thrice before entering the exam hall. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your books and start your revision, now!

How can UPSC Pathshala Help You Achieve Your Dream?

We all know UPSC is tough but what is tougher is your determination for the exam and the will to never give up. And therefore, for this exam, you can always reach out to us in order to take any help from us. We at UPSC Pathshala have curated some really amazing courses that can help you in order to successfully prepare yourself for this examination. So, what are you waiting for? Just enrol yourself with us, now.

UPSC Pathshala can be your one-step stop towards the journey to a successful and amazing UPSC result. It can help you achieve heights in your journey to this examination and can help you in fulfilling all those dreams of having a great rank and a perfect life afterwards. You can take help from the amazing video content that is available on our channel and make proper use of it in learning something new each day. So, what are you waiting for?


With the help of the above information, you must have taken a lot of tips that will help you in your future endeavours to successfully carry forward the UPSC Prelims preparation for this examination.

Also, if you have any doubts regarding anything, feel free to comment down below and let us know. And check out our blogs for more information on the same.

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